Open Letter to the Devs: Thanks for Alpha Access!!!

Subject: Open Letter to the Devs: Thanks for Alpha Access!!!
From: Herby Sansclue
Date: 25 May 2015

Dear Devs,

When I got home from school today, I had an awesome surprise waiting for me in my inbox: an invitation to join the Alpha phase of your game! I must say that I am honored, but not surprised, that I was chosen. I am going to assume tales of my 733t performance in other games are finally spreading across the internet and that you want the best of the best to be the first to play your creation.

I am really happy that more gaming companies are giving early access, but not sure why they just don't release it to everyone at once. I am once again going to go right ahead and assume that you only want the top tier gamers playing first before letting all the peasants on your server. I mean, it's called ALPHA for a reason, right? I imagine it's because you devs want to show off the best version of your game to the best players possible.

Full disclosure, I have never been part of an Alpha before. I have been following the development of your game for quite a while and can't wait to give it a spin. I am still on the fence about whether or not I am going to buy it, so this will be a great way "try before you buy" situation for me. I hope you are on your "A" game, devs, because if this game isn't as advertised, ALL 27 of my Twitch stream subscribers will know what a huge heap of stinking water trash you are trying to pawn off on us consumers. One lag spike, one glitch, or one quest text typo is all it's going to take for this gamer to call your "Alpha" a "piece of shit."

Threats aside, I must say that I am looking forward to creating a character that I can develop as my own should I decide to buy the game. One of my favorite parts of any MMO is personalizing a toon and creating fond memories over the thousands of hours I get to play it. There is nothing better than logging into a game after a few months away and seeing my main sitting there waiting for me, reminding me of the wondrous journeys we have taken together. Persistence has to be one of my favorite aspects of any MMO, and I can't wait to create my Alpha character so I can begin to leave my mark on your servers!

See all you devs on Alpha launch day!

Herby Sansclue