An Open Letter To The Creators Of The New Doom Game

Subject: An Open Letter To The Creators Of The New Doom Game
From: Anonymous
Date: 16 Jul 2015

Doom looks pretty sweet—certainly technically very impressive—but it's still not quite what I'm after from a new Doom. It's getting closer, much closer, but it's not quite there yet.

Here's things I'm still after:

1. Enemy bodies that lie around permanently after you kill them. Not sure if you really had that properly.

1.5. Why go so far with the gibbing and the breaking of enemies into multiple parts? It just looks fake and very forced, like ragdoll physics, and it just looks amateur and slightly silly in 2015. Blow enemies into bits when you fire a rocket into them and let the chainsaw but them into pieces, sure, but unless the player shoots them point blank with a shotgun or whatever then it would be far more satisfying if they simply showed really cool impact animations, even getting blasted off their feet with the more powerful and close up shots, and went down with a heavy thud, followed by some blood trickling out of the worst wounds a few seconds later. Think about the damage a bit more realistically based on the weapon and distance from the enemy when the player shoots them and stuff like that. Don't just make every enemy basically crumble into 20 chunks, with the slightest of impact, in a totally fake way that isn't actually that satisfying in this modern era. Find the balance—just like in the original funnily enough.

2. Far less warping in of enemies—most of them need to be there in the level from the start; just like classic Doom.

3. Use the classic Cyberdemon design, for God sake. It's iconic and far better than what you have here. Although maybe don't give him eyes; a bit like this: (That's kind of how I always pictured the Cyberdemon; not having eyes) See: (Thinking he had no eyes made him look even more demonic, creepy and just cool to me)

4. Make the sound on the plasma rifle louder and beefier, or something. It almost sounds like it isn't even firing.

5. Slow down some of the enemies a bit so I can actually look at them, appreciate their designs, and take my time and enjoy killing them.

6. More enemies on-screen (just not all jumping around all over the place madly all the time).

7. Allow me to trick enemies into fighting with each other—classic Doom style.

8. Give me the option to turn off all the glowing/outline GUI/HUD crap (the weapon outlines, pickup indicators, +1 popups, etc). I just want to see the game and unless you can design a GUI/HUD that blends seamlessly in with that then let me turn it off if I choose. Also get rid of the obvious highlighting/glowing of enemies when you can melee them—again, it just looks cheap and destroys the suspension of disbelief. I know you can come up with a better way of letting the player melee/finish the enemy relative to where they are looking/aiming, without resorting to such obvious and cheap 'gamey' solutions.

8.5. How about an option to have a classic style GUI/HUD (rendered in the modern engine and in HD obviously), which displays across the bottom of the screen, with the marine's face and all? That would be so retro cool and great fan service: (See; someone mixed it in with Doom 3, just so I could show you an example of what I basically mean)

9. Genuinely bring back some of the colour to the designs. I mean what's so wrong with a Cacodemon actually being properly red; rather than a dull muddy brownish red? The old designs are genuinely iconic—the new designs are kinda generic and forgettable. Take that same old-school iconic approach with all the designs.

9.5. That colour comment applies to the levels too. They're still a bit monotone in places; or certainly the hell level was.

10. Get some of that really ambient, creepy, sound stuff as heard in the likes of Doom on Playstation. I mean still have the more goth/heavy-metal tunes too but at least have an option to turn those off and go with the far more effective soundscape stuff as heard in the likes of Doom on Playstation.

11. Make sure the levels are basically designed in the same way as the originals, with the same mentality and approach—in terms of letting people backtrack through them and find lots of secrets and hidden areas; with lots of freedom for exploration, going off the beaten path, looping back around on yourself, and that kind of stuff. Just don't make them all Call of Duty linear (not that I'm saying you are, but just making a point of mentioning it). That might be fine for some games but that's not Doom. You're so close—now just nail those final touches and I think you'd be knocking on the door of a new Doom game that finally lives up to the genuine greatness that was Doom 1/2 (especially the truly brilliant PlayStation version imo).