An open letter to Cheryl

Subject: An open letter to Cheryl
From: Nikki Grahame
Date: 3 Dec 2015

Dear Cheryl,

All this talk of you being "far too skinny" or "anorexic" overshadows you as a person, a singer and someone who does huge amounts for charity. Remember you are a beautiful woman with a great personality.

There's no denying, to the untrained eye, you might look 'unhealthy', but take it from someone who has suffered with anorexia for many years in the past - I know the signs, and you're certainly not anorexic!

Your hair and skin appear healthy, which they often don't for a sufferer. You also wouldn't have the physical and mental strength to do your X Factor role and all the events you do if you had an eating disorder.

Like me, you're extremely petite. Having met you, I think you are even tinier than me - and that's saying something as I'm 5ft 3in! I understand why you bite back at "skinny" comments. I did too, because you can't help your skinny frame.

But body shakers will keep on shaming - nothing will stop them. So pity them and not yourself. The best way to deal with body shakers is to remind yourself of who you are. If you know nothing is wrong and you are healthy and happy, that's all that matters.

People have also said your face looks gaunt. Yes, sometimes it does look thin, but I think that's because of makeup contouring. I'd never contour my face as I'm not sure I'd like the results. But I'm not on one of the biggest shows on telly, and my face isn't being shown double size on people's telly.

Also no-one knows exactly what's going on in your private life right now but you have explained how stressed you've been because of a family tradegy. So I would urge you to look after yourself and make sure you are eating well, even when you're stressed, especially as you have such a high-pressure job.

Cheryl, I hope you can keep your head held high and ignore the nasty comments, because you're beautiful inside and out.

Lots of love,

Nikki xx