An open letter to celebrities: Why can't you be more like Aaron Paul?

Subject: An open letter to celebrities: Why can't you be more like Aaron Paul?
From: A grumpy 30-year-old
Date: 13 Aug 2015

I am personally tired of 'celebrities' thinking they are better than someone gives you a lot of money to show your body off or you're on a dumb reality show with all your sisters and their fake butts, painted faces and hair extensions and you think you're more attractive and better than people because you get photoshopped all the time?

Every day normal people go through life thinking "be good to people and they'll be good to you"...try living in London, you'll rarely ever get any form of appreciation for helping someone out. I once carried a bag up the stairs for an older woman and upon her getting to the top she just took it and went on her way with no sort of recognition of the it was my job to do this. Yet when celebrities are around they get treated like royalty and people get pushed out of the way by their security...people who couldn't give two shits that Taylor Swift is walking down the road in the opposite direction.

Anyway this is how I think a lot of celebrities tend to be and so it's refreshing when you see ones who are generally down to earth and nice...and I'm not talking about 'TV nice' or 'radio nice' when someone will be putting an act on and you'll come away from it thinking "wow! She's alright after all", usually its all bull and been scripted to make them look good.

I once had an encounter with Iggy Azalea, where she had to share a room with our group and a few others and she had no qualms in acting like we shouldn't be there and showing her disgust at the situation, she made it a truly uncomfortable and nasty atmosphere where it was once amicable and light. Get that from any normal person and you'd be like "who the hell do they think they are?!". Now you see her being all sweet and coy on television and I just think, I've seen the real you and I hope people don't fall for it!

I might be sounding like a bitter cynic but luckily I regained hope in humanity through Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. I must admit I was always a fan of Breaking Bad and his acting skills displayed in it, but it has been his down-to-earth actions outside of the show that has made him so popular.

We've all seen the footage of some fans on a 'showbiz homes' tour and when they stopped off by Aaron Paul's house he actually made his way down and hanging out with them for 10 minutes. It is moments like this that show us the impact we can have on each others lives and how little things can make people's day.

If this were to happen to the likes of Robert Pattinson he'd no doubt sulk in a corner for hours, not that this is a reflection on him as a person - the fan bases are different and he's had enough attention to last him a lifetime - but it is generous and genuine acts that really dictate the person you are and not just your career choices.

Celebrities tend to forget that we're all the same and there are plenty of other people waiting to take their place, so it is important to be good to your fans and everyone you meet. I often think people who are late to success are the kindest and most compassionate to others, Aaron Paul for one and Bill Nighy is another who my friends have told me personal stories about how kind and willing he is to talk with people.

So if I could ask for something from everyone and not just celebrities, it would be to take after Aaron Paul and relax, be good to people and enjoy life!