A Open Letter on behalf of Joe Symon

Subject: A Open Letter on behalf of Joe Symon
From: A Loyal Friend
Date: 27 Apr 2017

An Open Letter About Joe Symon

Dear Readers, I come to you today to talk about a specific person, His name? Joe Symon, an extremely motivated, intelligent, talented, well spoken, hard working New Yorker. You see, Joe Symon has always known he was made for entertaining. Joe has been a long time piano player, broadway singer and comedian. Joe once was offered the opportunity to expand his talent to an app called Periscope and so the Joe Show began. As someone who's incredibly talented, Joe has worked hard, just as he would in any facility where he would be invited to play.

After an extended period of time Joe gained the attention of the public, he became a very popular, Gold Star Periscoper with more than 30 million hearts and over 21,000 followers. With such an expansion, Joe needed a good website to display his talents and so it was created, www.joesymon.com As with most successful artists, Joe became a man who was loved and hated. Joe was loved by those who were inspired by his music, his talents, his piano skills and even his ability to laugh and cry with his viewers. Joe also became hated by those who wished to see Joe fail in his successes, to be critiqued by everything he said and to be ruined no matter how far they had to go. A man who's been beaten down, stalked, harassed, pushed to the edge and lied about on multiple occasions.

With the overwhelming attacks, the use of swastikas over his and his Jewish parents photographs, with the constant emails of threats and hate, with the endless twitter posts of pure lies and malice and even with the copying of his scopes onto YouTube, and even the targeting of his family including their addresses and even his own. It became a life of hell for Joe Symon, one that's been set out by criminals who hope to see Joe Symon removed as a brand. I implore that everyone who may be reading this, those who have heard Joe and the vile criminals side, that you read this open letter and see the value within Joe Symon, that you understand what he's dealing with and that you don't hold it against him. Joe Symon isn't made up of his tips for his work, he's not made up of his sexuality or even his Jewish background. Joe Symon is made of raw talent and a strong work ethic. There's nothing that can be said for the criminals who have attempted to convince you that Joe is nothing more than a fraud, that's simply what criminals do however, please come to an understanding that Joe Symon is an authentic person with no hate in his heart for anyone, with no malice despite what he's enduring, that he's showing strength and strong endurance concerning what's going on in his life right now.

I invite you to give Joe Symon a chance, see what he's really all about, give those probation periods, give those talent gigs, allow Joe Symon to show you the truth of what he's really all about, you will not be disappointed. Thank you!