An open letter to that 'badass aunty' in Delhi Metro

Subject: An open letter to that 'badass aunty' in Delhi Metro
From: A Man
Date: 22 Apr 2016

Dear Badass Aunty

First of all, I am sorry to call you that. Your real name is unknown and this is the name those blind feminists gave you. Lately, I read your conversation with 2 unknown boys on the internet. Which apparently was -

Guy 1: Dekh ladies coach poora khali hai. Idhar side itna bhara hua hai, par fir bhi hume wahan jaake baithna allowed nahin hai. Khali padi hui hain seatein.

Guy 2: Haan yaar. Dekh, poora coach de rakha hai unko, wo bharti hain nahin, upar se humare coach mein bhi do do seatein de rakhi hain, hum baith gaye to utha diye jaate hain, bhale poora unka coach khali pada ho. Wo to bhar lein pehle!

Badass Aunty: Aap log paida hi nahin hone de rahe ho na beta, aur naseeb se paida ho bhi rahi hain to unko padhne likhne, bahar nikalne se rok rahe ho jee jaan lagake. Ye sab kaam band kar do, kokh mein maar dena, doodh mein dubo dena, rok tok karna, fir dekho na beta, metro ki seatein kya, office ki kursiyan, khel ka maidan sab kuch bhar dengi ye, par usi cheez se to darr rahe ho aap, hai na? Hai na, beta?

Honestly, that was highly idiotic and idle. Not everything should be associated with women empowerment. We Men really respect what is being done to bring women on equal status with us. We support it and we do think that we have come a long way with it. Now what makes us hate 'Feminism' is women like you. It was fairly logical to point out at empty seats out of frustration caused by a dense metro. And why not? Did they degrade women by saying this? Did they become misogynist by saying that?
“Aap log paida hi nahin hone de rahe ho na beta, aur naseeb se paida ho bhi rahi hain to unko padhne likhne, bahar nikalne se rok rahe ho jee jaan lagake.”
what was that suppose to mean? How can you even dare to say that to 2 boys you don't even know. We haven't supported women rights to hear this. Why are our whole kind blamed for a few evil elements? Listen up, you cannot degrade a sex to promote another. There is a right way of doing everything. You want equality eh? We want it too. But in real sense. You talk about 'khel ka maidan' and 'Office ki kursiya' why haven't you talked about Sewer Workers? Why haven't you talked about Miners? On majority they make 100% of male workers. You talk about occupying majority of work fields, you're most welcome. But do it through your efficiency. If you deserve it, I swear most of us (new generation males) would walk back ourselves. I am sorry but you can't enjoy reservation and respect just because you have a vagina and we can't be blamed for everything just because we have a penis. You seem to know a lot about Women rights as you boast about it uselessly in public, do you have any idea what a Man goes through? Statistically, every 9 minutes a married man commits suicide in India. According to IPC 354, Any woman can send a Man behind bars by just verbal allegation. Refusing a wife for dinner outside or stopping her from meeting her lover is considered domestic violence. 90% of dowry and rape case against men are fake and no proper investigation is held. We have to give out our earnings even if a woman is wrong while in case of divorce. We have absolutely NO help from Government if we are innocent. What makes you think it's gender equality? Ma'am , shouting about everything in public is easy. Care to learn even a bit about it?
I just want you to stop being a hypocrite. Stop promoting wrong things. You must have matured enough to understand this. Sadly I still had to write this.

Hope you have learned your lesson.
Thank you for hearing me.