An Open Letter To Anthony Horowitz

Subject: An Open Letter To Anthony Horowitz
From: A James Bond Fan
Date: 11 Sep 2015

Dear Anthony,

I recently read that you thought it might be time to change the image of the beloved 'chain-smoking, smooth-talking and sexist' James Bond and I think perhaps you're right!

I've loved reading and watching James Bond as I've grown up, from the witty one-liners after defeating his enemies to the ease at which he would pick up some of the most beautiful women in the world. I'm sure a lot of die-hard Bond fans will be getting a little annoyed at the idea of a politically-correct Bond, but my understanding is though although he may be rewritten somewhat, it is a rewrite that is needed to keep him relevant.

That isn't to say that we all want our Bond to become some awkward grovelling Hugh Grant-type, afraid of saying anything a little risky! But I'm sure as a seasoned author that you are well aware of finding the right balance.

You noted when discussing the latest 'Trigger Mortis' book that you had to work hard to maintain the 007 character that we have all come to love and rightly so. But there is no harm in adding modern and relevant themes. I am very happy to see the addition of a gay friend for Bond for the first time and I think if written correctly then this should provide an entirely new and interesting dynamic to the book and show another side of Bond.

I love the idea that Pussy Galore moves in with Bond in London and it shows another side of him past the fleeting fling of a one-night stand. This is something that I'm sure a lot of us will be able to relate to, but at least Bond gets to let the stress of a squabble with the girlfriend, out on some unsuspecting terrorists.

I must say that I am excited about the changes and modern overhaul that Bond is getting, it would be all too easy and boring to stick with what people are used to and expect. So for that I say thank you mr. Horowitz! I am very much looking forward to Trigger Mortis and more so than I have any other Bond book in a long time.

I wish you all the success and can't wait to give it a read.


A big Bond fan