An open letter about why I love Eat Bulaga more than any other shows! Must Read!

Subject: An open letter about why I love Eat Bulaga more than any other shows! Must Read!
From: Patricia
Date: 7 Oct 2015

"Now, I'm writing this open letter to ABS-CBN not as an AlDub fan, but as a long-time fan of "It's Showtime". I know your ratings are affected by this so-called Kalyeserye. I also understand that this is business and that you need to try all possible strategies to keep your advertisers. However, I regret to inform you that you failed me, and I know I'm not the only one. Otherwise, I will not have the guts to write this.

To the producers of It's Showtime, let's face the truth. You will not get Pastillas Girl on your show if AlDub is not giving you headaches, right? For now, let's forger that Pastillas Girl cursed on her video. Let's ignore that she only copied that pastillas recipe. I don't care if she had a miscarriage, stopped schooling because of failing grades or has joined a fraternity. All I want is honest and wholesome entertainment, and not being forced.

My sentiments are not about AlDub vs Pastillas Girl, or ABS-CBN vs GMA. My concern is the show itself, "It's Showtime". I'm not here to bash the show or any personality. I'm here because I want to watch my favorite noontime show again. I miss Kalokalike and the usual Sine Mo 'To segment. In short, I miss the kind of entertainment that I used to enjoy.

I must admit, I miss It's Showtime a lot. But I cannot take it anymore. I'm not encouraging anyone to follow me. Instead, I'm requesting ABS-CBN to improve the show. AlDub may be a huge challenge, but staying on air for 6 years against a 36-year old show is a great achievement. I'm still proud to be a Kapamilya fan, but please give a good reason to stay that way."

Sincerely yours,