An open letter to 2017

Subject: An open letter to 2017
From: A Hopeful Soul.
Date: 1 Jan 2017

Dear 2017,

Today is the day you see the light and spread your wings over this world for a whole year. A world who is welcoming you with great expectations, long wish lists and a heavy baggage of unrealistic resolutions carried over the years.

What a huge responsibility for a new born, I know!

But darling, do not fret. See, us human beings, experience the utmost love twice in our lives: When we come to this world and when we leave it. And to anchor this habit, today you see billions of us coming to you with open arms and hearts filled with love and hope, dreams and big plans. Embrace it, enjoy it, soak up as much as you can of it while it lasts, because soon, much sooner than you could imagine, you will be regretted, blamed for horrible things and we could not wait for your existence to be over.
You will take away loved ones from our lives and bring our way people we never thought we would meet. You will fill some souls with light but leave some in darkness. You will heal some but to some, you will come with disease. You will bring joy to some, and to some despair, to some success and some others, failure.
You will be ugly and beautiful, bitter and sweet. Like us, you won’t mean the harm you will cause. And just like us, you will proudly take credit for all the good you will bring.

Dear New Year,

Today with a heart full of belief, I pray your light will still shine through on your darkest days to come. I pray you are filled with enough love to mend all the broken hearts and suppress all the hatred there is in this world (and of that, there is, unfortunately, plenty!).
I pray you come with answers to the questions the past years did not address and with keys to the doors long left locked. I pray you come bearing, not only opportunities, but also the light we need to be able to cease them.

But dear 2017,

My letter does not only come with prayers, it also comes with promises, promises to both you and myself.
I promise to see the reflection of your beauty when ugly things happen. I promise to walk through life with a kind heart filled with love so together, we can spread as much of it as universally possible. I promise to be the light that shines through you when people around me are drowning in the darkness. I promise to be conscious about and grateful for your gifting existence in every single breath I take. I promise to love you unconditionally every single day, like it is your first and last.
I promise we will dance, we will laugh, we will make others’ hearts feel warmer and beat faster to match the rhythm of their dancing souls.
But above all, I promise we will be great. I promise we will be glorious.

See, 2016 has bestowed me with the most beautiful acquaintance and introduced me to a soul whose existence, I spent years ignoring and avoiding: Myself. And through this meeting, I got to know Courage, Happiness, Gratitude, Love, Light and the unshakable Belief that I am the change I have always wished for in this universe. Armed with all of them today, I know I can keep my promises to you.

Dear 2017,

We have 365 days to make it happen and I am READY.

With much love and light.

Sarah who believes.