A new era begins in comedy

Subject: A new era begins in comedy
From: A Fan of Kapil's family
Date: 24 Apr 2016

-----Js few lines from a fan to our beloved family---------

The 24th april episode totally proved that god shower all his blessings to this team to entertain human race and itself god also...with pure family humour....with the magic that combines all members of family to come and sit together to watch a television show with full of indian values and laughter ...like we did in golden era of 90s.......this new show is full of acchi batien ...accha gesture...acche log ...and....... LOLWA WALI COMEDY........realy feeling proud to be an indian because of these super talented indians...love and laughter are the only things ,they know to spread in this world.....now kapil's team is one of the thing which makes india proud.

Whole team analysis (compliments) :-

Kapil:- most funniest ,wittiest n humurous guy till date + fabulous show presentator; he already gets a place in history of india so nothing else can define him completely.

Sunil grover:- just his name is enough ..but here is a fact .kapil = sunil , best command over funniest accents,characters and the bulldoser of freshness in comedy

Siddhu paji:- those thahakas, those shers, those oye guru r enough for thoko thoko + he hav that respect on show which our family heads have in their families. He completes kapil's family

Kiku:- best in delivering perfect comic expressions, his comedy styles gave this family a new height, and also genious in self mocking art.

Ali asgar:- have mastery in female versions and baap of krushna n bharti in loud comedy...even no woman can beat him in performing those 'female avtars' with so perfectness and comic timings... ..nani is already a hit ...with that ' bullet shot turning action' going to be viral like babaji ka thullu.

Sumona:- so much supportive in kapil's comedy, mocking comedy of kapil gets best expressions on the other end, without those expressions kapil's punches will not get its desrving altitude.

And last but not least chandan bhau :- action reaction comedy (mostly based on insults) between kapil and chandan is one of the best thing of this show....his after insult expressions with punjaabi accent making him the key pillar in success of this team.

And lovely rochelle:- the sexy kudi.....her looks raising the temperature ....so much hotness with that cute accent going to take this show to an another level..

Thankyou sony for providing a platform to this show and so effective promotion strategy that even colors evil mind not succeed to give any damage to this show.