To my sister

Subject: To my sister
From: Your sister
Date: 19 Dec 2023

Dear sister:
I have been beating myself up trying to figure out what I did to make you hate me so very much. When Daddy died he made us promise to take of Mommy and each other. He said that all we had was each other. I took care of Mommy because you wanted ed to put her in a home. Naturally you took the credit for my work. This was not the first time. There were several other times you did that.
You sold her house from up under her. You moved her into some bug infested, broken down home. Your reasoning was that in the entire state, it was the only house with a bedroom on the main floor. You took her money from the sale of the other house and put her on a budget. You took advantage of her dementia/Alzheimer's and had her signing papers that I was never allowed to see.
I kept telling myself that you would never do anything to harm her. After all, you were her favorite child. Her golden, do nothing wrong child. You had the entire family believing I was the thief, the horrible one. It was easy to convince people of that because Mommy made no secret that she hated me because I was no a boy.
None the less, I cared for her and I tried to see the good in you. Despite everything you did or showed me.
I guess daddy was right, I watched too much television, because my perception of a sister was nothing like the one we shared. I don't blame you because we learn from our parents. You decided to follow in Mommy's footsteps and hate me. Anyway, when mommy died. You left everything for me to plan.
Then you showed me exactly who you were. You took my heritence and the life insurance policy mommy had for my daughter, her only granddaughter. You paid off your house while I lost my house. You brought a brand new car while I sold mine to pay bills and buy food for my child and I. I lost my apartment and now I sleep on your broken down loveseat. While my daughter sleeps on your broken couch. Which by the way I guess you didn't think I would notice it was already broken.
You blamed me for that. My stuff in storage is about to be auctioned off. I know to you it is just junk. To me it is so much more. The only pictures of our parents. Which I notice you have none in your house. One of the pictures is of our father when he was young and in uniform.
My bibles and things that were important to me and my child. I have no clothes and I'm about to lose my driver's license because I can't renew it. I can't retire because I can't afford to get the paperwork notarized. I can't afford to get a copy of my birth certificate or anything else I need to turn in my retirement papers. Not that you care about any of my problems because I am not a boy so I am unimportant to you. I was going to congratulate you on your victory but I refused to give you that victory.
You have nothing over me.