My fake hero

Subject: My fake hero
From: Shemar Middleton
Date: 19 Oct 2016

Dear Naruto,

You may not know this, but you had a big impact on my life. You changed how I felt about life and the world, but mostly how you’ve changed me is my attitude of believing in myself. Back when I didn’t see you on Cartoon Network, I was all about action, fighting, funny, laughable stuff like Ben 10. Ben 10 was similar to you to you because you both made me laugh even though they had some deep moments. About a month later I start watching you I notice in Walmart and Toys R Us. You was in there, that which me have a bigger impact for you. I asked and gotten every character of almost each clan and main character from the first season. And then when I found your reason why you always keep your head up, when you was born your parents saved your life to keep safe and alive. Every time you had a powerful enemy to fight, you never back down from a fight, you had promises that you said you won’t break and your ninja way made me believe in myself as well, your ninja way is to “ never give up “ and your other one is “ seeing people change isn’t what hurts, what hurts is remembering who they use to be. “ Then when you and Sasuke hated each other, well you didn’t. He did. You both wanted to fight each other even when you didn’t want to. But that was until you started training for years with Jiraiya aka “ Pervy Sage. “

After you was done training, you wasn’t on Cartoon Network. Until I found you on Disney XD. While I was noticing your changes ( not much ), i was looking at your comrades and friends that changed too, but you never seen Sasuke until one mission you had one chance but blew, but you had too. Mostly why I think you did it because you had no chance. But and then when you mastered to be friends with Kurama ( nine tails ), it made me think of your progress from last 3 years. Meanwhile with you fighting and stuff, I was working on how I can support myself from people being rude to me, what that mean to me is people like bullies that make people feel bad about themselves. Most of the time, I admit it I been bullied because of what I looked like or what I did after school. I remember one bully name but everyone called him T. He would “roast” or “crack jokes” on anyone that look funny, the way they dress, or just because they're not popular or he don’t like someone. Most of the time I would ignore him but one time I blew up like a ticking bomb. Even though I got in trouble, it was worth it. Because I finally stood up. But then when I did it, I thought about what he would say. With you, Naruto, as you could see now that you changed my whole attitude of life. You have have change how to see and feel emotions from other prospective. I hope you got everything dream of when you was little, and I hope the same about me.
Sincerely ,