Mr. Tom Hiddleston, please respect Ophelia

Subject: Mr. Tom Hiddleston, please respect Ophelia
From: Sarah Viani
Date: 19 Jun 2017

Dear Mr. Hiddleston,
I'm a girl that discovered you through the character of Loki and began to search for webpages and videos to know more about him and you.
In some interviews I found that you said Loki "needs Prozac and a lot of therapy", "is a damaged psychopath", "is intelligent yet broken", "needs TLC".
I took Prozac and went to a lot of therapists because of depression and anxiety and that really stunned and saddened me, because I felt my suffering publicly belittled and mocked through a character I wanted to love.
Why "damaged psychopath"? To act upon anger, pain or ambition, to make wrong choices doesn't mean to be mentally ill. Why "intelligent yet broken"? Is "broken" synonym for "stupid"?
You said "If I were Loki's therapist I would say - First of all we need to put a down payment on least 30 sessions (...) - I probably would be on business for the rest of my life. He'll be coming back every day saying - I've got this other thing to tell you, there was this other time where Odin said this... - " Why is it ridiculous to have a lot of painful things to tell, why is it wrong to suffer for what somebody said to you? You are an actor, you should know that with words you can kill. "He needs tender loving care... lots of love, lots of listening and a lot of time on that couch". Please don't turn listening into a derisory lie told to a damaged being without hope to change. Love is something very important, don't make it a mockery. Loki is NOT a model of mental illness, please don't use him to spread disregard on suffering.
I don't ask you to change idea, because one changes his ideas only with experience. I ask you only to not say this in public, because every time you talk there are thousands of people trusting you and there is already a lot of disregard on suffering and difficulties. A TUMBLR subscriber wrote under a pic of Loki suffering in cell "Love the hair-Despise sadness". I think it's enough to understad what kind of world we live in. I don't ask you to do it for me, but for all those intelligent, sensitive, talented girls suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, taking antidepressants and going to the therapist that love and sustain you whatever you do. Just go on TUMBLR and you'll find a lot of them. Please don't turn them in a bunch of B-list human beings. I wanted to be a fan of yours, but I can't, because you implied that your work is only for regular people.
I took Prozac because I wanted to save my life from pain and build my existence with my dignity of human being, just like you. But to you I am nothing but a grotesque character without percep-
tions and emotions that suffers to make intelligent people laugh. You don't know how difficult and humiliating is to go to the therapist and the lack of respect you have to suffer there, because when you enter that door you're not a person, you are a "patient". Please respect my pain and my struggle for a free life although you can't understand it. If somebody suffering from depression have disrespected you I am deeply sorry, but don't forget all those girls suffering from depression and anxiety that love you and say "When I see or hear him I feel better". Please don't use Loki to laugh at them.
Thank you for your consideration
Yours sincerely

Anon Psychopath

'Cause they don't even know you
All they see is scars
They don't see the angel living in your heart
Sixx A.M. - "Skin"

If strange men come from the house
To lead her away, do not say
That she is happy being crazy;
Lead them gently astray;
Let her finish her dance,
Let her finish her dance.
Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!
William Butler Yeats