For the Miss Universe Contestants

Subject: For the Miss Universe Contestants
Date: 22 Dec 2015

It's the time of the year for us to welcome our Miss Universe 2015. Congratulations to Ms Pia Wortzback, she deserves it. As we all know this is the most memorable pageant. Steve Harvey announced the wrong name as the winner, then Colombia reigning for about 2 minutes. I pitied her at first. Of course it's heart breaking to know you actually did not win after doing the victory walk and waving your country's flag. HOWEVER! No matter how disappointing the result can be contestants of the said pageant should not show such rudeness! You ladies want to inspire everyone? Well you are inspiring them to be rude.

A beauty queen should have beauty and brains, right? So where are your brains?

This mistake from Steve Harvey is an eye opener. It only shows us that most beauty queens are plastics (yeah I am talking to you MS Colombia, Ms Germany and those other Ms Universe Plastics, I would want to give a shout out on those two VERY INSPIRING GIRLS). I call you girls because you are both not using your brains. You may be knowlegable in the profession your taking but you lack almost all of the important characteristics of a role model. Biggest one is RESPECT.

Those judges could have seen right through those contestants core. That most of them are not sincere and are plastics.

How the other beauty queens reacted really showed that they do not deserve the crown NOR represent their country.

Such a pity girls. You do have beauty but your brains are a little messed up. Well at least some girls are true beauty queens. For me I think they are the ones who are able to show respect.

and FYI it is not Ms Phillipines' fault! Get you heads straight bitter plastics!