To The Love I Thought Would Last

Subject: To The Love I Thought Would Last
Date: 20 Aug 2015

I can still remember the first time our hearts beat as one. There were sparks all over that made me believe in forever. And now, it’s really hard to believe that everything is over. Who would have thought that our fairytale wouldn’t have a happy ending? Who would have thought that this sweet dream will eventually become a nightmare? I didn’t, because I didn’t want it to end that way.

Until now, I ask myself, what have gone wrong? Is it the way I speak? Or the way I dress? Did you get tired of me being so clingy? Or did my friends bother you? Or maybe you just realized that we weren’t meant to be? That we were better off parting ways.

These questions kept on roaming around my head. There were always questions, questions that up until now are left unanswered. Here I am, in the dark clueless of what had happened.

Every single day, I stalk you. Still wondering if that Tweet was about me, or if the post you shared was still about us. I still wonder how you feel, if you were happy without me. Every single night I cry myself to sleep. There was too much pain, more than I can handle. I was still hoping that maybe one day you and I will be back together again. That maybe one day this story of ours will continue. That one day I wouldn’t face this journey alone.

What if things have changed? What if we could go back in time and start all over again? Maybe, just maybe things in the present wouldn’t be the same.

I still love you, for more than six months apart, I still do. But I can’t do anything about it.

I tried to approach you one last time, I hugged you from the back, and you didn’t hug me back. It crushed my heart into pieces. I know I’m a strong girl but when it comes to you I become weak. I’ve been through so many challenges already, but this one is different.

But I still have high hopes that sooner or later I’ll get over you. That I can set you free, and like a dove, you’ll come back if we really are meant to be.

To the love I thought would last, this I promise you, a part of my heart was once yours, and forever it will be.


The girl you owe forever with