local georgia news stations executives&news directors

Subject: local georgia news stations executives&news directors
From: a person of interest
Date: 26 Oct 2019

I so damn tired you producers always giving your male anchors more air time than your female with their silly promos commercials etc . give more air time to your female anchors . I don't like watching your news shows because it's always the males that get more of the attention & camera time . it's stinks and so do you executives & directors wsb fox 5 11 alive wgcl cbs46 you all stinks just my view. The female anchors of your mornings&evenings should be reconize more not only on television presenting the news stories but, as well as promos commercials ads etc, don't just cater to sudden individuals me personally that f*** big egos about themselves .I hate those who are full of s*** thinking they're better than the average american peoples f**** all of them!I'm just saying the female anchors need to be treated more better more airtime promos. But, all course it's a male thing that run these newsshows to all you executives &news directors F ***** all of you!