A letter to Santa

Subject: A letter to Santa
From: Fara
Date: 20 Dec 2023

Dear Santa,
As the holiday season approaches, I've been thinking a lot about the true meaning of family, and the longing for connection that has been a constant presence in my heart.
From a young age, circumstances led to a rift between me and my parents. Their disapproval of the person I chose to love resulted in a separation with my family.
Despite these challenges, I've built a life with him, we married and together we are blessed with two beautiful children.
However, the absence of parental love has left a void that always lingers.
My mother remained silent with me for over 15 years now, and my father passed away couple of years ago, without the chance for reconciliation. Now, my only brother follows a similar path of estrangement. It breaks my heart when my 4 years old says, “I wish, I also had grand parents,”

Santa, this Christmas, I'm not asking for material gifts but rather for the gift of a family. I wish if you could give me a new family that will accept me for who I am, love me unconditionally. A family that will accept my husband and my kids, and embrace the joy my children bring. A home where my husband is welcomed with open arms, and where my children experience the joy of a united family.
I believe in the magic of the season and the possibility of healing broken hearts. Santa, I'm reaching out to you with an open heart, I am hopeful that this open letter will lead me to the family I am yet to find.
Santa, please grant me the wish for a new loving family, one will bring the love and support we've been missing for decades.

Thank you for listening, Santa. Wishing you a magical and joyous Christmas.
With hope and gratitude,