A letter to the artist, and human, Ed Sheeran

Subject: A letter to the artist, and human, Ed Sheeran
From: TR
Date: 3 Sep 2015

Hey Ed,

I got your email this week about the exciting news you had to share! You’ve signed your first artist, Jaime Lawson, to your record label, Gingerbread Man Records. You have a record label, let that sink in. Not to mention you gave it the absolute best possible name.

With all this excitement, I couldn’t help but reflect on some on major milestones in your career thus far. So I’d like to take some time to remind you of your good doings.

1) Most recently, you sold out Wembley Stadium (which seats 90,000 people)… 3 freakin nights in a row (that’s 270,000 lucky people). I know you wanted to prove to the people in the industry that still don’t take you seriously (bloody idiots they are), that you could. But as a fan always rooting for your success, holy smokes! You’ve worked hard for many years and this triumph was a victory for your thousands of fans, and for you as an artists. Congrats on that. Really.

2) You’ve had multiple smashes and won multiple awards with your most recent album X, which was released last year. Photograph, Don’t, Thinking Out Loud, Sing, etc. have been sung across the world and into our hearts. It was also the inspiration for one of my first posts as a music blogger. You could say it’s been a bit inspiring. So thanks for that.

3) You gained noticeable attention when you teamed up with the dream choreography duo, Nappytabs (Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo) and danced in a elegant ballroom that made every girl swoon and wish to be your partner for your music video Thinking Out Loud. As a previous competition dancer myself, you scored some major points with me personally, picking Nappytabs, they’re the best. Just the best.

4) Also recently, I went to the wonderful world of Target to pick up a little album called ‘Unbreakable Smile.’ As a huge Tori Kelly fan, I immediately sat in a room by myself and listened to the whole album, picking favorites and reflecting, obviously because she’s a killer writer. Then this slower tune comes in, Tori sings a bit and then is joined by YOU. YOU ED! I flipped. The fact that you two co-wrote, produced and sang a song together, let alone know each other and send each other pizza as ‘thank yous’ blows my mind and makes me the happiest fan of both you and Tori. On another note, I saw an Instagram pic with you and Mac Miller recently as well. If there were to be a collaboration there coming soon, I wouldn’t complain.

5) Earlier this week, news sources picked up on some obvious online drama between Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and your BFF Taylor Swift. I commend you on your actions in this situation and how you stuck up for your friend. Your points were relevant and strong but more importantly, you were a good a friend to Taylor. Such a good dude. Kudos.

6) In relation to your new record label, it made me think of a clip from the MTV film, Nine Days And Nights Of Ed Sheeran that aired in 2014, when you were approached by a young man after one of your gigs. He nervously handed you a CD and asked if you would mind listening to it. You graciously accepted and reassured him that you would indeed listen to it as you spend hours traveling in cars all the time and typically looking for something to listen to. This genuine act of kindness again goes to show what a wonderful person you are and continue to be. Be proud of that. You remember your struggles as a beginning artist, playing on the streets and trying to get noticed. Your major influencer, Damien Rice took 5 minutes to speak to you after a gig which you credit a lot of your beginning success to. Your now reciprocating by providing opportunities for other young and emerging artists. You did it, Ed.

Anyways, your busy on tour right now and might not ever see this. But if you do, take the time to reflect on all the good you’ve done this far in life, not only as an artist, but more importantly as a human. A side note, when you come to the Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX in September of this year and want to give me a shoutout, that’d be cool. Or whatever. Also I’ve heard you’re a big fan of Texans because they always invite you to their houses to eat. Well here you go. I’m extending an invitation. Come on over Mr. Sheeran.

From a fan, a fellow ginger, and music fanatic, keep on keeping on. Do good. And see you soon.

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