A letter to Alex Kubeyinji leader of Church of England Safeguarding

Subject: A letter to Alex Kubeyinji leader of Church of England Safeguarding
From: John Carter
Date: 25 Jan 2023

Dear Mr Kubeyinji,

I have been puzzled by your use of the synod to complain about your team being 'abused' by survivors.
First and foremost, have you thought about what might drive survivors to be 'abusive'? For example years upon years of the church of England denying them justice while making fake apologies to the press and fake boasts about safeguarding?

Vulnerable people deliberately and consistently hurt by your team won't easily stay calm, but why do you need synod time to complain about this? Why not deal with it internally, contact the police if there is anything genuine to contact them about - the church has a history of using the police to silence 'troublesome' victims who keep speaking up and embarrassing the church or letting their failures be publicly known.

Why not look at how and why your team are failing to such great extents that victims get furious? How many of those victims have had true justice from the church and how many have seen you take genuine action against those in the church who have abused them or failed to act on abuse. I believe that one true sign of a proper safeguarding team and rule will be mass resignations and removals of senior clergy and laity guilty of misconduct and proper punishments meted out, and those resigning and being punished would include Justin Welby, your boss William Nye, Paul Butler, the Archbishop of York, the Bishop of Oxford, and many more, too numerous to name.

The church of England have for a long time used a gaslighting technique of making themselves into victims, Justin Welby employs it extensively in his 'Attack the government' campaign, to stir people up to sympathy for himself, although he is almost completely disconnected from the Church of England and his PR campaigns are about himself while the recent false claim in the House of Commons that the Church of England represents all denominations was a massive shot in the foot for the CofE, however, the communications team that Welby employs are also the communications team linked to your team, and the gaslighting techniques are the same.

The communications team, although vicious and completely psychopathic, seem to get stuck in a rut and use the same techniques over and over again, not realising that by now, as the church of England collapses, people do see through their techniques, yes their actions have killed victims, and they and the senior clergy haven't been held to account, as yet, the church of England is not accountable, but people are seeing through the gaslighting, so rather than you whining about your poor NST, look at what your poor NST are doing to thousands of victims, which also amounts to abuse. Another element of the NST's abuse of victims is the articles that are meant to make survivors think you're talking about them, so you've upset a lot of people over again. I'm guessing from your complaints about survivors, that you don't know much about safeguarding, so get some training urgently. Unfortunately safeguarding is not simply obeying William Nye's orders to silence victims at all cost and in any way that you can, so I suggest that you are in the wrong job.

In order to safeguard, you have to be balanced and neutral, and attacking victims is not balanced or neutral, it's another abuse. Please deal with your internal problems internally and while you and your team are unable to aid, support or protect survivors, please bring in an outside agency to safeguard on behalf of the Church of England. Please think carefully about your additional harm to abuse survivors this synod and bring an end to this gaslighting. 'Don't provoke victims' is one solution to your problem.

Repeating the same mistakes over and over despite the IICSA report and past case reviews will cause increasing concern from the general public, media and governing bodies. Put yourself in the position of the survivors, all these reports and no change, justice denied and cruel behaviour by safeguarding officials, the main aim of the NST-Communications teams is to protect the church of England's reputation at all, costs, even at the cost of survivor's lives, while survivors' lives are ruined by this, it will make traumatised suvivors angry, if you can't see that then you need a much lower responsibility job, pizza delivery perhaps.

Why not change your culture rather than have outbursts gaslighting survivors and in synod time which could be used to demonstrate what you intend to do about the dire safeguarding situation in the church of England. The church of England changes safeguarding leads and Bishops like someone changing socks, but nothing changes with actual safeguarding, and some survivors go on getting false hopes that each new lead will be genuine. It was saddening to see Melissa Caslake trying to genuinely do a safeguarding job and being forced to leave because she wasn't allowed to and her career would be ruined if she continued, she was a brief hope for survivors and then she was gone, and reality is, you can't safeguard if you're under William Nye and the Archbishop's Council, the only thing you're employed for is to protect the church of England's reputation, and in doing so, you harm survivors.

There are numerous repetitive tiresome actions by the church of England in their treatment of survivors, for example trying to look good by 'praising' survivors as brave when a church of England cleric or lay person is convicted of abuse - that gets annoying because it is nothing to do with the church admiring survivors and all to do with a show for the press, and then there's the sickeningly worn out 'lessons learned' statement.
Your self-interested duplicitous act of turning your team into victims at the hands of survivors instead of focusing on the appalling safeguarding situation and why survivors are angry with your team shows that no lessons are learned, and you shouldn't be using examples that lead to people thinking that they know the cases you're talking about, that's the opposite of safeguarding, and if your safeguarding knowledge is that low, you need to rethink your position and there urgently needs to be third-party intervention into church of England safeguarding.


John Carter