To Kevin Spacey and your Critics

Subject: To Kevin Spacey and your Critics
From: A very sad fan
Date: 8 Nov 2017

I am sorry your world has been turned upside down in this new age of social outrage. It isn't quite fair. The playing field is not level.

Although I am not a gay man, I have lived in San Francisco, Palm Springs and Laguna Beach. Over the years I have been approached, groped, kissed, dry humped, hugged inappropriately and propositioned by friends, acquaintances and church members. It would make the scenarios described by your accusers seem benign in comparison.

When the other person realized that I did not feel the same way and was not gay, the inappropriate behavior ended. Usually after the unexpected advance, the relationship turned awkward, but the advances ended. There are a few friendships that have lasted and my gay friends continually joke about flipping me.

In a heterosexual world as an average looking guy, it is hard enough to figure out if someone likes you. I can only imagine in a closeted gay world it is even more difficult.

If I had your talent and charisma, it would be impossible for me to determine who was expressing interest in an intimate encounter with me and who was just being nice. If you don't believe me, just follow Ryan Reynold's twitter feed.

Your performances are so good, I am rooting hard for Frank Underwood. I can't say even our real President makes me feel that way.

While others are bashing you for coming out as a means of deflecting your private misunderstanding with Mr. Rapp, I saw it for what it truly was - for someone famous in the gay community to grandstand and say sexual harassment is not limited to heterosexual people.

I believed your apology to Mr. Rapp for something that happened 30 years ago in a drunken stupor to be very sincere. Your public admission that you are a gay man clearly explained that gay sexuality was (and probably still is) very different from how mainstream relationships work. More confusion and misunderstandings to be sure.

I hope this blows over soon. You are much too talented an entertainer to let this end your career. You deserve recognition for the great body of work you've created. Our social conscience really needs to have tougher skin.

Thank you sincerely for the many, many years of entertainment you've given me and my family.

To Mr. Rapp, I wonder if you intended for these consequences to happen to Mr. Spacey? If not, why haven't you publicly and privately accepted his apology?