Kanye West

Subject: Kanye West
From: Bridget Boyd
Date: 28 Oct 2022

Open Letter to Kanye West……….

Since 2007 I’ve started my day working out in some form or another. The one thing that stayed consistent over the years was - the beginning of my playlist. Full blast “Did you realize, that you were a Champion in their eyes, Yes I Did”. That was my song, my motivation, my get your ass up and do the damn thang. Whatever that was for me at the time.

I developed a Love/Hate Relationship with you.

I hated the moment you tarnished Taylor Swift’s award acceptance.
I loved that you had the guts to say on camera that “George Bush” didn’t care about Black People.
I hated the moment you married Kim Kardashian. (Not because I don’t like her) But you never loved her. (And I don’t believe she ever loved you) She was simply the other end of your “Power Couple”. You wanted what Jay-Z and Beyonce have.
I loved the moments I saw you bonding with your kids.
I hated the moment you made a mockery of the church.
I loved your Netflix Documentary because it showed how much you loved your mom, how determined you were to bring your talent to the world and the hustle you had in you.

After that….

There have been no more “Love” moments for me. Just Hate.

Trump Supporter
Running for President and making a mockery out of US Politics
Black People chose slavery.
Teaming with Candace Owens
White Lives Matter shirts
George Floyd died from Fentanyl overdose
Going Death Con 3 on Jews

It’s so sad how your Buffoonish ways has changed how I start my day after 15 years. I am forced to find a new Daily Anthem. I’ve deleted every Kanye album out of my library. I can’t even listen to your music without asking the questions -

Why does he hate Black People so much? Why does he hate himself so much? Or is it all for attention?

I asked my husband the other day - how does Kanye’s story end! Will he just fade away? Will his life end early due to a Heart Attack or Psychotic Breakdown? Because all these antics and foolishness must take a toll on his mental and physical health.

@UncleRuss said, “Build your own shit! Right your wrongs! Empower your community! And be a “Super Hero” you can do it.

As A Life Coach, I say to you, “Put your kids first. Seeing their father become one of the most hated men in America is only doing damage.” You’ve made the money and you have the status as one of the greatest in the music game. Why turn your legacy into one of shame for your kids to endure?

Bridget Boyd
YouTuber - Ebony Ladies in the DR