How the DC movie Universe should go.

Subject: How the DC movie Universe should go.
From: Michael H.
Date: 20 Dec 2017

I have been a comic book fan since I was a child; not always as immensely as I am now but in one form of another I loved the worlds that were created. When Marvel first started creating their universe with the first Iron Man film my second thought after "holy crap that was Nick Fury they must have more stuff planned." was "I can't wait to see what DC does to compete.". For years nothing really happened and than Man of Steel came out and that fire in me was ignited in hope that this was a sign of things to come. Unfortunately what came next was nothing that should of been green lit, with the exception of Wonder Woman. Now when the first logo appeared for Batman v Superman i believed it was going to be a team up because that specific logo of Superman's crest inside of Batman's logo is on a title that has them working together. What was made cinematically was DC's equivalent of throwing everything ,and the kitchen sink, into one movie trying desperately to create their universe in a rush. The whole time forcing a rift between two characters we all know are on the same side resolving it all in them both having mothers with the same name. Than Suicide squad made a whole movie of characters I could care less about and a story line that was even less intriguing. Lastly came the recent Justice League film that not only decided to give a middle finger to comic book fans but tried to make a movie out of cool moments and one offs instead of as a cohesive whole.

Now that I have gotten all of that out of the way DC has plans to "shake things up" and rumors are showing it to be more personnel changes and a combination of DC and Warner brothers; unlike how they have it now with DC working somewhat autonomously from Warner Brothers. Along with that at Brazil's Comic Con they showed a new line up of future films. That second part is what the rest of this letter is going to focus on. I want to breakdown some of these titles and hopefully someone at DC or Warner Brothers has either seen the light to making better films or they can see this and make better films. With that said...

Aquaman - Now I believe this has already been filmed and is now in post production. They can still use this film as a good set up for Arthur Curry's back story and introducing, hopefully, Black Manta as the villain. What would help this film solidify the beginning of something new is an after credits scene where we have Arthur take his rightful place on the throne of Atlantis but a ripple happens through the scene and Arthur is no longer in the throne but he is now on his knees in front of Mera banishing Arthur from Atlantis for neglecting his duties and letting the mother box, they were sworn to guard, to be taken without a fight. The ripple we see before hand was time being changed by the events that are about to be explained in the next film Flash which uses Flashpoint as it's center.

Flash: Flashpoint - Since you don't have the same stories built up to do a true Flashpoint, not even to the degree that the CW tv show was able to, I believe showing Barry Allen, with a new sense of purpose after getting a job being a forensic investigator, in a montage of investigations and time passing possibly splicing in him researching his dads case. He eventually comes to the conclusion that he can't prove his fathers innocence in the present but with his speed he can find out what happened that night by going back in time. He promises himself, possibly even a Justice League member, that he would never mess with the time line. As he gets back to the fateful night it is revealed that it was the reverse flash. Flash being stunned that a speedster would do this to him he does what he promised not to do and stops the reverse flash from killing his mother. When he returns to his time you can either do the original story line of Flashpoint, a version of The CW's Flashpoint story line or a different one that inevitably make Flash have to go back again and stop his previous self from stopping his mothers death. In doing so though the reverse flash notices them and decides to mess with time one more time to mess with Flash even more than he already has by killing his mother. When Barry Allen does return to his time he goes immediately to his place to scour the internet and see if things are as they should be. What he comes upon is an article titled "Trinity of superheroes stop Zod and his army from taking over Earth", or something to that effect, with a photo of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman together.

A side note is the rumors of Ben Affleck being replaced as Batman. Whoever it is there need to be than an end credits scene take place with Flash showing up in the Batcave surprising Batman saying "I need you to get Superman and Wonder Woman here because we need to talk." with Batman turning around not wearing his cowl showing whoever it is now playing Batman saying "And who are you?" with one last glance to a confused Flash. Now in my hopeful fingers crossed world you get Christian Bale to be Batman again and if that is possible than when you have Flash looking through articles and show one from when Bane took over Gotham.

Wonder Woman - This movie needs to come out before you make the next Suicide Squad movie. Along with that a couple subtle changes should be to her overall look to show that she has been effected by Flashpoint. Along with showing certain Amazonians who are still alive since the battle with Steppenwolf didn't happen.

Suicide Squad- To make people actually care about their story it should be intertwined with the DC universe as a whole. With that said Amanda Waller should still be in charge, but now her main objective is to take down the new heroes believing that they are not to be trusted. The Suicide Squads main goal will be to cause the public to believe that their heroes are not as good as they appear to be. There are many means to go about showing this since I know multiple story lines throughout all of their histories have involved this tactic. This is accomplished because on her side is a newly designed Cyborg, please create him to have more human parts showing than in the film. Now he is being used as constant surveillance across the globe with his ability to hack any and all technology. Cyborgs new backstory should remain routed in the main creation of him but after he was made his father took him to Amanda believing he could help the government. Throughout the movie he runs communications and logistics for the Suicide Squad but as he sees the heroes triumphing over all adversary he questions if he is on the right side of things. Ultimately he is the key to bringing down Amanda Wallers plans, along with the suicide squad thus siding with the Heroes.

An end credits scene should take place with all of the Suicide Squad members back in confinement. Suddenly all of their chips are deactivated and their cells opened. All pathways lead to a room where Lex Luthor is waiting to ask for their help in bringing together all remaining villains together for the creation of the Injustice League.

Green Lantern - This movie should never take place anywhere on or around Earth except for an opening sequence that has three men; Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner. We follow them from their true beginnings in the corp, how to control their rings; than onto a couple side missions to bring about their comradery all the while one of their instructors Sinestro has been hatching his own plan. In the end his plan to take on the Yellow Ring comes to light in a battle that strengthens the trios abilities while sending Sinestro off into space to build up his power. A question is asked early on but never answered until the very end, why do we need three lanterns protecting Sector 2814? All the Oans say on the matter is "Dark days are in store for that sector and they will need all the help we can provide."

An end credits scene has Sinestro out in space when he gets a hail that his ring picks up. It is Lex Luthor offering him a place to be with other like minded individuals. Sinestro changes course for earth.

Batman - This film I honestly do not see any true need for unless you get an actor who is not Christian Bale just to try and solidify his place in the audiences minds as the new batman. If need be it can be the true team up film of both Superman and Batman with Lex Luthor being at the center of their reason to be together culminating in Batman uncovering, on the side, Lex's plans to form the Injustice League.

All of this will build up to Justice League vs the Injustice League.

From that point on things can progress in a better stream of films, I hope, were you build up the the concept that the first Justice League movie should of shown and that is a battle with Darkside.

So please any and all out there get these ideas to Warner Brother or DC if you believe it would put them even in the right direction of making better superhero films.