The Hosts & Anchors

Subject: The Hosts & Anchors
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 10 Oct 2019

I so damn tired of you F***** hosts & anchors each day & night always showing the tweets of that Orange wide load buffoon Donald Trump. it's always basically nothing but lies after lies & lies.By now since being in office his tweets have been nothing but a
bunch of lies from his ignoration in January 20, up to now ! Donald Trump is a liar(SOB) that has no respect for the office nor congress or the media who basically presents the facts to the American people unlike the conservative media & the republicans in congress who wants to make f***** excuses for me saying he didn't say that or he didn't mean the tweet whatever it's full of sh*t . Each time you show his lying tweets on air he win your're would talk about instead of the main stories that relate to the Trump Administration whether it lies about his called to foreign leaders about 2020 elections or something about domestic policy etc Trump always seems to change the subject when it comes to the media doing stories on air about today's topic concerning going on in Washington & The Trump Adminstration! You need to do your duties as hosts & anchors report the facts in what going in the headlines as truthful as possible annoy the childish lying tweets of Donald Trump but, a lot of you journalists is going to show his tweets anyway because your bosses tells you to do you're a bunch kiss asses with no courage just my view!