Goodbye Letters to Colleagues

Subject: Goodbye Letters to Colleagues
Date: 12 Oct 2020


Albert Reynold

Date: October 11th, 2020


Richard Simson

Dear Richard,

As you are aware that I have resigned from the post of Deputy Production Manager with Infinity Threads and today is my last working day, I just wanted to say goodbye to you.

Although I am really looking forward for my new job but at the same time, I am getting little emotional over leaving this job and separating from an amazing colleague like you who has always been like my support system at work.

I will always cherish the amazing memories of working together and bagging the awards for our projects for three consecutive years. You have been a colleague everyone wishes for and two of us together made a fantastic team. Your planning and my execution always created the right balance in everything.

Though I am leaving this company but the bond that we two shared will always stay with me and all the things you have taught me during these five years will always help me move ahead in life. Never hesitate to call me or email me whenever you need you.



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