God's People of the World Unite. Satan's Evil Matrix is broken. Message to Q and the White Hats

Subject: God's People of the World Unite. Satan's Evil Matrix is broken. Message to Q and the White Hats
From: A child of God calling out from my rooftop to the wilderness of the Matrix
Date: 18 Sep 2022

Breaking News…….
Open Letter To God’s People Of The World. Satan’s Evil Matrix Is Broken!!! A call to God’s People of the Earth to Unite, with a message for Q, and the White Hats:

Final letter completed 9/17/22

Disclaimers and Clarifications:
All information in this letter is considered fair use, for educational and deprogramming purposes.

This Letter is a call for peace, prayer, unity, and love to come together, as God’s People of the world, to ask God to save us from this hell hole matrix.


We are literally in the Upside Down. We do not know what is up and what is down. We are in a shit storm, satanic matrix, and only God can save us.

With God’s wisdom, we know, any and all CELEBRITIES, PERFORMERS, SINGERS AND ACTORS, ARE PERFORMANCE ARTISTS. We see them on the Telly and in movies and we respect their privacy and understand that they maintain a certain image. Artists have different roles to play In the matrix, and we are constantly told we are watching a movie and to enjoy the show.

As human beings, we do not know the hearts and minds of men and women, and we don’t judge them. As God’s People, our current role is to stay in our lane, standing spiritually beside God, through prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving, in the fight to rid the earth of and destroy Satan and his cabal.

This movement is clearly non-violent and all information is stated clearly of our role and stated mission as God’s People. So, don’t be a wanker and try to mess this up…..OR you will be a laughing stock for all eternity and any evil infiltration or planned attacks against us, will not work, and will not come to fruition to hurt the innocent, but instead, will literally blow up in your face. Capeesh?! So, go home to mommy! Go home to mommy!

We are talking about those within the entertainment realm of the matrix, this means anyone on either perceived side right/left/, liberal/conservative good/bad ARE considered God’s heavenly angels, helping us to see the truth, unless God says otherwise. Wisdom tells us, we must see both sides of good and evil, to make a clear and educated choice, with our own free between God or Satan. This is the true election ballot at play here. As God’s People, we choose God of course, So, to anyone on the fence, choose wisely, we already know who wins, and we want as many as possible to be saved!

We know not the hearts and minds of men and women. God uses people and angels in all sorts of ways all the time to help us.

Within the matrix, specifically in the entertainment field, any human being who choses or is called to play a role In God’s fight, with pure intentions to bring God’s truth to the masses, deserves our consideration and thanks for their great faith in God to fight for Him. They don’t need our scrutiny, and we are not in any position to give scrutiny to them.

These talented artists within the entertainment realm of the matrix are carrying out their stated role and are great warriors for God as they are literally surrounded by demons, a den of vipers, in the dangerous front lines of the information war.

Satan, by way of his cabal, and insidious evil matrix, covertly took over and infiltrated our world to trap us. So at God’s pleasure, people and angels may serve Him covertly, within the matrix, to help us to take our world back.

We simply have too many unknowns which is how the trap works, to get us to do something stupid. With God, there is no chaos or confusion, only peace and soundness of mind as we wait for Him.

We trust God to make things more clear to us soon, but now He is asking us to wait and trust Him. We are to stay in our lane. We have too many unknowns, in this situation, and we only look to Him.

God is omnipotent, meaning all-powerful; omniscient, meaning all-knowing; and omnipresent, meaning present everywhere at all times.

….An ever evolving letter, and very long, like an everlasting gob stopper.

There has been an interruption in this process and it makes sense. The devil wants to go first before the actual letter begins below:

It’s Ok; click below: The floor is yours Babadook:
https://youtu.be/GgnClrx8N2k Full official Lyrics: Sympathy for the devil

Dear Q and the White Hats:

-We thank you for everything and we wish you all the best

WITH GOD, we hope your team continues the fight to take down Satan and his evil cabal.

We know peace on earth can never be accomplished until Satan and his evil cabal is destroyed. Any and all brave souls, with pure motives, and good intentions to accomplish God’s will, is welcome in the fight. As God’s People, we seek to be united with God to accomplish peace and justice for all and to live eternally under His perfect, holy precepts.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is heaven.” As God’s People, we only look to God to establish and accomplish our requests. With God’s wisdom, we know we can trust no one, but Him. And, only He can make our prayers and petitions become reality.

All of God’s Allies are welcome in the fight, but our place, as God’s People, is right by His side, and we will never ever leave His side again for eternity. We look only to Him, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to save us and deliver us from this diabolical evil trap.

We will not allow ourselves to be distracted and we look to noone but God our Father to deliver us to the promised land whether that be here on earth or in heaven. Wherever we land, makes no difference to us as long as we are with Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, The Son of God. We Have faith only in God Our Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit to deliver us and keep us safe.

God’s wisdom tells us there are far too many unknowns for us to navigate this storm alone; why, in the world, would we want to??????!!!!!!! We don’t know what timeline each of us are on, and timelines are of no consequence to us. We only trust you Father God in Jesus’ Name to save us from this trap.

The only consequences to be dealt will be for those that have tried to trick us or work against God. Only God knows the hearts and minds of men and women, or the lack there of, we know them by their fruits.

Because there are too many unknowns for us, and we realize just how dire our situation is, We have transitioned out of the matrix into spiritual warfare with God to destroy Satan and his evil cabal, the source of all evil, and any and all of those who work against us, whether to our face or covertly.

We humbly and prayerfully ask You God Our Father, in Jesus’ Name and the Holy Spirit for forgiveness of our transgressions, all sins, and our prior lack of faith, please redeem us, heal us, have mercy on us, grant us your grace, and rescue us from this black goo sea of demons.

Please remove from us any pain, anger, or guilt that has come to separate us From You Father God. We stand before you with no barriers (not even Chem Trails) as we know the path to you is up as we ascend to you. God’s People don’t veer left or right, don’t settle for substitutes, and We don’t make lateral moves!

As God’s People, with the Holy Spirit, In prayer, we ask God Our Father, in Jesus’ name, to deliver us from this trap that was deliberately set for us to separate us from You Father God.

Please remove the scales from our eyes and let all of us see the truth. We humbly ask You, Father, to immediately break any satanic holds or brainwashing that keeps us from seeing the truth.

In real time, Father God, in Jesus’ name expose all moles and our enemies, covert and or otherwise, those that seek to destroy us or separate us from You, God. We know that the love we share with You will never allow us to be separated from you, Father God.

We have transitioned to spiritual warfare as your warriors, Father God, we will have no fear as we face the truth and clearly see all of our adversaries. We ask you Lord our shepherd to expose all of them, especially, the ones in sheep’s clothing.

In real Time, Father God, please force the demons and evil entities to remove their masks and show us their true selves, no longer just glimpses. We want to See the Truth, and with You Father God, we have no fear!

We ask you Father God to reveal to us in real time all those that work in secret to trick us and/or separate us from You Father.

Father God, to win this war, We know only you and your wisdom can save us. We petition You, Our Heavenly FATHER to save each of us that call out Your Name, Lord God Almighty in Jesus’ Name save us! We have no fear as we rush to your hands to be delivered from this diabolical evil trap.

All who call on the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shall be saved. God will keep all of His promises, and We know He is the only one who can save us. In the Spirit Realm, we have God’s wisdom, and we know, The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

To win at war takes God and God’s wisdom. We will never find God in the matrix because He is not in this pathetic matrix. The matrix only allows a few sound bites of God to keep us looking and to catfish us, but that’s it.

With God’s wisdom, we know we will not win the battle against evil in the matrix, because the matrix is Satan’s lair. So, White Hats, we bid you adieu. We will look to God to deliver us from Satan’s lair, the matrix.

We are not safe in the matrix, and we have no use for the matrix anymore. We reject the matrix, and we are leaving the matrix to fight with God, Jesus our Ruler and King. This will happen all in God’s timing, and no one needs to panic!

Rejoice! Have no fear, all of us are called to be here at this time. You are here for a reason because God Chose you to be here!

Disengagement from the matrix, only requires our spiritual presence with God where ever we are and at any moment of our choosing. Simply capture God’s undivided attention by closing your eyes and having a conversation with Him.

We know the kingdom of God is within us, and we know how to activate it, (by prayer),
Supplication, Singing, and Thanksgiving.

We fall to our knees in praise and worship as we give thanks to you Oh God, Our Farther, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Son of God, and the Holy Spirit!

To all People of the World, this is a call to defend our God, protect the heavenly realms, and take back our earth from Satan and his evil cabal.

The scales removed from our eyes, we can now see there are no coincidences, all evil on earth originates from Satan and his cabal. They are here, with us on earth, mimicking us on our TV’s. Have you seen them yet, or, are you still asleep?

Along with Satan, these are the original demons, evil entities, psychos, murderers, molesters, rapists, sadists etc.. God kicked out of heaven.

To overcome evil, we must see it, name it, and call it out as : Satan and his cabal, and ask God to destroy them. This is the only way we can completely destroy evil and escape from this hell hole matrix! And, deep down inside, we all know it.

We are called to defend God, protect the heavenly realms, and finally rid our world, and all future generations, of evil once and for all.

Peace on earth cannot be accomplished until Satan and his evil cabal is destroyed by God at our prayer request. This is the only way to end this shit show movie where we are trapped.

In this hostile matrix movie, we find ourselves in, we know the ending is not going to end well for us. On our TV screens, the cabal threatens us with coming attractions and previews of their NWO, like for a coming movie, an old repeat movie we have seen before, that ends in death and destruction for us. And they always tell us with their demented smiles as they mock us with their demented promises (nice touch Satan). “We know them by their fruits.”

Satan’s cabal of pathetic, demented jokers, with their demented smiles, remind us every day that we, God’s People, are their enemy and this situation is not going to end well for us ….repeat on a loop

On a daily basis, we Americans receive threats from the cabal, and we are now being told we are enemies of our own country. Satan and his cabal has shown they are the enemies of God, Americans, and all that is good and decent in our world.

We know they never stop no matter how much we concede to them, and they will not stop until we are swallowed up and drowned, in their evil sea of GDNA destroying, black goo, and the entire planet is destroyed.

We must deal with this pesky Satan and his evil cabal problem before it’s too late. It’s just gotten a little out of hand, don’t you think?! And we have to admit we can no longer ignore the Moloch in the room! An attempt at humor, though I Digress…..

As God’s People, if we don’t deal with it, and we want to see how it turns out, just pick up a history book about the fruits of communism. “You will know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:15-20.

The millions of innocent human beings they have murdered throughout history were just like us! Don’t ever forget that!

We are part of God’s plan to help Him take down Satan and His cabal, so rejoice and answer His call. A call to prayer, having immediate conversations with God about your free will, and your decision, and role, If any, in the battle.

If you don’t feel called, go elsewhere. We owe nothing to those who are apathetic or who stand against us.

As Gods people, we have a God given inalienable right and moral duty to defend ourselves, the innocent, and other human beings. Also, The 2nd Amendment is still the law of the land, and we promise you our guns will always be locked, loaded, and ready to defend ourselves, the innocent, and other human beings against you mushy, musty,menacing, morbid, moldy, malignant, malicious, murdering, molesting, malevolent maniacs!

As God’s People, we come together to defend God, protect the heavenly realms, and rid the earth of these scumbags to accomplish true peace on earth.

The most important thing we can Understand and conceptualize at this moment is Satan and his cabal’s true ultimate plan.

You see, we are merely a stepping stone to God, who they really want to take down. They don’t want to just overthrow our government, and the world, they want to overthrow Our God The Most High; Who sits on His Heavenly Throne. The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. That is what all this is about. Of course God will win, but we are part, if not all, of the reason for the battle, and so we are called to fight for God.

God calls us; He doesn’t force us. We have free will, we are chosen to play our part in this necessary take down. We love and choose God, we totally reject all evil, satan and his evil cabal and all those who seek to separate us from God. We thank God for all he has done for us, and we gladly answer His call to fight by His side! People of the world quickly pick your side and don’t be a wanker!

As God’s People, we know in this STORM only God can save us. We put our faith in God alone to deliver us from, out of, and to the other side of, this insidiously evil trap that was planned and executed, by Satan and his cabal over many years.

The New World Order (NWO)- brought to you by Satan and his cabal of puppets.
The same playbook, but now they seek to destroy us and take down America. As God’s People, we will not allow this to happen.

Wash, rinse, repeat, the same communist playbook is used by Satan and his cabal every time throughout history to destroy human beings by the millions!

Communism was created by Satan and his evil cabal and is carried out by brainwashed human idiots to implement it. God tells us, we will know them by their fruits and we know Communism leads to complete insidious control over us, and, eventually, mass murder by the millions. With God’s help, we have the power to stop this. Be wise and open your eyes.

It’s always this same ONE trick they pull to defeat their targeted human beings. The Same ONE trick, the same one trick, the same one trick, the same one trick, the same one trick, which is this: Satan and his Evil cabal plan and execute a crisis to trap us, and then swoop in to save us. Each time, gaining more and More control over us. However, this time they are going for the full Monty.

They mock us, laugh at us, lecture us, steal from us, murder us, sicken us, poison us, kidnap us, molest us, target our children, and threaten us constantly. With God’s help we will end this now!!!! No more beat downs by demons!

God will protect us during this spiritual take down, so we have no fear and we are joyful to show God how much we love Him as we exuberantly and lovingly fight by His side taking our commands From Jesus Christ The Most High!!-

in the spiritual battle against Satan and his demon cabal, along side God and His Angels, and Saints, we will receive all orders from the Most High Jesus Christ, and our weapons will be of the heavenly realms from God’s War-chest.

As we join our Lord in the fight on our beautiful white horses, we will be by God’s side as He avenges us and Delivers to us on all of His promises. Woah dude!

God’s People, shout from the roof tops that we need prayer warriors to stop Satan and his cabal from making their last move on us to take complete control over us, and mass murder us and our children. Don’t be fooled by those who say, don’t worry we’ve got this….

We are in the STORM and there are far too many unknowns for us to trust anyone but God. We are in Satan’s and his cabal’s trap and only God can save us!!

Be weary of unknown or unwanted evil looking strangers. Trust your eyes and your intuition. If an older evil looking, inverted Mary Poppins shows up at your door, with her evil black dog, do not let her in your home under any circumstances….Ok, kidding; just be vigilant! We have transitioned to Spiritual warfare.

Satan and his cabal underestimated our generation because they thought their same one trick would work again. We learned from the greatest generation, and we have seen Satan’s same one trick, play out over and over in history as they violently and gleefully murdered millions of innocent men, women, and children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will not allow them to Carry out their same ONE TRICK again and we know our ultimate mission is to come together as God’s people and ask God our Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to destroy them!

We want them to know we will not stop praying and thanking God until they are destroyed! So, YUGE mistake demons!!!!

We know who they are and what they are doing, and we will no allow it. We see them, we name them, and we know them by their fruits. This isn’t rocket science folks!

Satan and his cabal only have this One Trick because they do not have the ability to create. Everything in their matrix has been stolen from us and God and insidiously inverted.

They have done this Same One Trick so many times, and it works because human beings trust their lies and allow themselves to be swallowed up in their evil dark black insidious goo sea of chaos and destruction, only to find out too late they were tricked. That is why everything in the matrix is fake. How do we know this?? Because all of these evil inversions DEMAND our consent and participation. See the trick? It is really all directed at us, God’s People, because we have always been the true target and merely a stepping stone to God, their ultimate, true target. No mistake about it.

Communism always comes with a smile until it doesn’t, and the same final scenes are always played out: First, the cabal murders all of the upper echelon useful idiots, then the mass useful idiots, and then pick through the fruit of the remaining population to use for what ever they wish.

The useful idiots and those considered unusable and/or expendable, take responsibility for yourself, and turn to God. Regardless of your pain, regrets, prison, or trap, God is setting all the captives free, so, turn to God and ask for mercy and forgiveness while you still can!

God is all mighty and all powerful, and He will release all who call on His Name, Jesus Christ, from Satan’s trap. Especially, any that believe the lie that they sold their soul to Satan and they cannot be saved! Lies!!!
Call onto The Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, and ask Him with faith, and thanksgiving, to save you!

We can all finally agree on something, we are all in grave peril, and we need God to save us. We are all in the same trap and to be saved we each must take responsibility for our soul, and with our own free will, turn to God and ask Him for forgiveness and to save us.

Without saying, Free will is at the foundation of God’s precepts. If you don’t get that by now, don’t know what to tell ya!

God is calling all people to turn to Him while He is still near. Spread The Word! God is setting all the captives free. He is calling all people to Himself!!!

Get on board! The train is at the station no ticket is needed, you just get on board.

Call out to God now to save you!!!!

We are all called to come together and turn to God now before it’s too late! Don’t believe Satan’s lie! All that call on the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ will be saved! There is no trap too big for Him to destroy! Trust God!

Satan and his cabal brood of elite evil inbreds only need about 500 million trans human slaves to keep things running for them. In the NWO, you will own nothing and be happy because they will own you. Their words not mine.

They had a sixteen year plan to take us out, and they never thought she would lose. So they came out of the shadows and removed their masks. They don’t have a plan B, so they just keep going with “The Plan” even though we woke up a long time ago. Hilarious! That’s why they are falling apart before our eyes and we can see the fear on their faces on the Telly.

They thought they had this in the bag, boy, were they wrong! They were so sure that they removed their masks and came out of the shadows to trap us, and then trick us into asking them to save us or believing their lies about the NWO, they have planned.

Be wise to our situation, in the matrix, we are not only spectators, but we are the main attraction, and horrifyingly, on the menu. We thought we were just spectators, but, we are already in the their trap!

We have been in their trap for a long time, but just didn’t realize it. In order to be a functioning human being living at their highest potential and making a positive difference in the world, we require: God’s companionship, wisdom, truth, and the ability to to have “a say” Or VOTE is required….need I say more?!

By the cabal stealing our election, our say, our vote, We have been effectively cancelled in the Matrix.

Right before the mass murders start, the group they are targeting is always cancelled.

Faith in God and wisdom is needed now; With God’s people, there is never confusion, chaos, or panic. We are safe in God’s hands so turn to Him now!

God’s warriors are now called for spiritual warfare. All of the necessary work, deep dives, and going down rabbit holes within the matrix has given us what need to transition to the next phase of God’s plan. God knows all and all will be revealed in His timing.

We need to turn to the only one who can save us! We cannot save ourselves from this trap! We must Solely depend on God to deliver us safe and sound out of this hellhole matrix.

Think about what happens to the matrix when we leave by ascending to God! By simply praying To God to save us!

The whole thing (matrix) House of Horrors will simply implode on all of the demons! And who else….could it be saaaatan!

Think about it, the matrix that was created for us, to trap us, without us, will simply fall like London Bridge.

When the 2020 Election was stolen, the true insurrection occurred.

In Jesus name, we demand that You, Satanic, inbred, inverted demons safely and immediately release to their families all of Gods People/ Patriots falsely imprisoned.

Everyone is vying for our attention, the hypnotized, by straight up brainwashing.

This is how it works In the matrix, to implement their Insidious Same One Trick. The trick is devised to brainwash us into believing we actually have a choice in choosing our government, when in reality the only two options given to us come from the matrix. We are never given God as an option to govern us, in the matrix, because we would chose God. We only receive the preselected, options acceptable within the matrix.

In the last few years, some extraordinary events have upset the political apple cart in the matrix. We know the demons are really pissed off about it. As they fly around like angry wasps and continue to target their political rivals to no avail, and they will fail.

God’s Wisdom tells us, there is something much bigger happening. Throughout the ups and downs of these political events, the cabal is being exposed at every turn. They know, the sleeping giant (America) is waking up and all eyes are on them.

They(the cabal)know there is an avalanche of truth coming to swallow them up and there is nowhere to run and hide!!! Nothing can stop what is coming!!!! The Great Awakening is here!

Over the last few years, these political events have forced us to open our eyes to see the truth of our situation. Human beings in power will always eventually turn on us, and we have seen it happen before our very eyes. For Gods People, we will not allow ourselves to be ruled by anyone, but God.

This entire shit show matrix is designed to keep us from seeing that God is our only real option for governance. By brain washing us, our free will is essentially circumvented, and we don’t even allow God to enter into the equation when contemplating those we elect to rule over us. Not any more!!!!!!!!!

In the satanic matrix, the most insidiously evil part of the plan, is easy for Satan and his cabal to accomplish by the satanic brain washing we are subjected to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Since birth, all of our generation has been brainwashed because we were all born into the matrix. That’s why they call it TV programming.

The beating black heart of the matrix targets human beings and consists of : Chaos, brainwashing (lies), and constant trauma.

In the final stages of the communist plan, two options are always provided to the Hypnotized, and/or the group being targeted . That being us!!!

These monsters covert and otherwise know who we are! They have everything on all of us, but we honestly know nothing or very little about them, each group on both sides. Let that marinate.

One group is obviously Satan’s cabal - We know them by their fruits.

This group of clowns don’t even make sense when they talk…they are just a bunch of satanic, demonically created, recycled, inverted, ancient, inbreds who are also repulsive and really stupid and we know they are lying to our faces about everything!!!!!!!!

Our greatest defense against them is God and his attributes of truth, discernment, faith, knowledge, wisdom all found within the kingdom of God within us.

Truth we must accept: We are already in their trap. They are going thru the final stages of implementing their tyrannical communist dictatorship. Their same One Trick again.

Apparently, in their NWO, we won’t need fossil fuels because our energy source will be an endless supply of pixie dust. And, don’t forget the unicorns and rainbows on the other side to greet us too!!

With God, We have all the power, and they know they are exposed. We have a job to do now!

We thank God for everything He has done for us, we ask God to destroy Satan and his evil cabal. We humbly ask God to be our government and leader, Jesus Christ Our King! Our King of Kings, and Lord of Lords Forever and ever and ever.

We humbly ask God to throw off and expose immediately any that want to rule over us and/or separate us from Him. We the people of God do not make deals and we don’t accept substitutes.

We humbly ask God to grant us the honor of being His Prayer warriors to destroy Satan and His Cabal. We know we must do this to protect any and all future generations, so they can never have the ability to reinvent themselves and commit their horrendous crimes against future generations of human beings. We, God’s People, will not kick the can down the road! Absolutely, not!

Unless completely destroyed and eliminated, Satan and his cabal will never stop trying to Hurt God’s People and trying to overthrow God.

We ask Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to destroy and rid our beautiful earth of Satan and his evil cabal and the evil matrix plantation where we are all trapped.

We ask God to unleash his most severe punishments on all those who with forethought and knowledge, and evil intentions, have participated in and/or are currently participating in current or past construction, maintenance, of the matrix.

God knows who each and every one of you are : All deceivers, those paid off to lie to our faces to push laws on us we don’t want or need. All liars, dictators who falsely imprison the innocent,molesters,pedophiles, rapists, insidious builders, provocateurs, agitators, creators of fake Hollywood sets, the usual puppets, and useful idiots, all creators, producers, directors, actors, script writers, camera crew, and any and all past or present who have had a hand in creating this insidious trap designed to murder us and take away our true free will, and inheritance from God!

They tried to separate us from God by tricking us! How dare you!! How dare you!!

We don’t make peace with evil, we must destroy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bottom line right now is, we caught them!! We caught them cold!!!! The whole world can see them now exposed in God’s Light!

The time is now to ask God to destroy them! We know who they are: Satan’s cabal and they will soon find that Satan could care less about them. They have always just been his useful idiots.

We realize we are in a dire situation, surrounded by Satan and his cabal of the most ancient, evil, technologically advanced, and equipped, new age demons and evil entities. Although, that sounds Intimidating, there is a very humorous aspect at play that exposes them every day.

As God’s children, we always have cause to celebrate God and who we are with His PDNA- Perfect DNA. We have His amazing attributes and one in particular will help us to stay focused and always refreshed making us stronger and stronger in this spiritual take down!

Drum roll!!!!!!

Our sense of humor!

For now, Our sense of humor will help us in this spiritual fight. However, we will never let our humor cloud our vision for our task at hand. Satan and his cabal must never be underestimated. That is why we must pray to God to destroy them here and now; once and for all.

We will use our God given sense of humor along with all of God’s other attributes to strengthen us, and refresh us, as we pray for unwavering strength to maintain God’s will and perspective in this final battle.

Fortunately, the inbred cabal has given us plenty of subject matter to laugh at them, on their looks, lying words, and symbols. We also have all of their stupid play books they use on Americans like Rules for Radicals.

As God’s People,

-We petition God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to save us, the only one who can deliver us from this evil insidious trap.

They have honed and advanced their evil skills over the centuries and use them on us daily. They not only have access to physical weapons, but also weapons in the dark secret spirit realm that we are just now uncovering and just beginning to learn and understand.

They have secret places, like secret skiffs, and secret tunnel systems all over world, where they plan and commit unspeakable atrocities on helpless human beings, those being held against their will, which explains all of the missing people, including children, and their desperate attempt to establish and keep open borders to provide them a a much needed supply of untraceable fruit.

Those who are supposed to protect us, that we put our trust in, have betrayed us over and over again by making deals with Satan and his cabal behind our backs like Operation Paperclip to end WW2.

A deal with the devil where the CIA, a secret United States intelligence program was established in which more than 1,600 Nazi German scientists, engineers, and technicians were taken from former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment after the end of World War II in Europe, between 1945 and 1959. The Central Intelligence Agency that stands today. The C I A The foundation of which consists of our government making a deal with Satan and his cabal, to protect, and nurture the most ruthless, God hating, evil Nazi scientists to continue without scrutiny developing their technologies in their protected hell bole laboratories, insidiously, and secretly keeping the battle going against.

We know many brave souls in our past who tried to expose the cabal were murdered by them. The brave, who tried to protect us and shine God’s light on them. The angels on earth, who tried to warn us and take them down. We remember them as we fight with God to destroy Satan and his evil cabal once and for all and finish what they started.

God will reveal All truth, and soon the demons will be in His light scattering like cockroaches, we caught them and there is nowhere left to hide.

They have inverted all of our institutions, to covertly continue their battle against us in darkness.

The cabal hide and have honed their skills in their ability to trick us by mimicking us, and we see them on our Tv screens everyday. They are not limited to the spirit realm as many of us thought.

We ask God to destroy Satan and his cabal. He knows who these demons and entities are. So we only need to name their rag tag team “ the cabal”, God will administer the beat downs.

Only God knows the hearts and minds of men and women, or lack thereof. We know them by their fruits. That’s why God always administrators the punishments.

God has prepared us well for this battle and we will not fail.

We will soon learn all of their evil secrets and unspeakable evil technologies.

So, a few last words to the white hats-

Checkmate. The truth will set you free!

As God’s people, are very impressed with your resume and obvious experience in warfare, and we appreciate all you have taught us, but we don’t veer right or left, take substitutes, or make lateral moves.

So, we joyfully, but respectfully decline your offer to rule over us. We have already found the Perfect Fit for us for eternity!

We also acknowledge God’s Army of Angels, our Guardian Angels, Saints and loved ones all those here and In the heavenly realms who have assisted us and helped us, at every turn of our lives, to hold us up on the mountain where we stand today asking God to deliver us.

Satan and his cabal have been waiting for centuries to make their final move against us, God’s People. They have played their hand, and put us In this unimaginable situation of being completely helpless and in unimaginable peril from all sides.

We are literally surrounded by Satan and his cabal of demons, and evil entities who have done this to innocent people over and over again throughout history. Their play book is always the same.

One of God’s best attributes is His sense of humor. We like Him (perfect DNA)love to see humor in things for obvious reasons. Humor is not only fun, but it actually can refresh, strengthen, and heal us to some extent especially, while helping us to endure hardships. Humor has helped us to cope in the Upside Down, the matrix.

Humor always conveys truth to some extent about something, which is why we have the best memes. That’s why the other side can’t meme. It’s impossible for them to meme because their is no truth to anything they stand for or say. Memes have been a great weapon to use in our battle of truth against Satan and his cabal. Humor along with our prayers will also help to destroy the cabal.

We also have an arsenal of their weapons they have been using on us for years. Such as Rules for Radicals. A book of 13 evil strategies to take us down.

A favorite rule, among others, we will use from their book is:

- "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.
The puppets the cabal have chosen to put front and center to push their evil communist scheme to murder us, are literally coming apart at the seams.

-We have see them shit their pants at press conferences on stage, and then do the shit shuffle to leave the stage.

-When they board planes, we can see as they walk up the stairs to board the plane, some of them have poopy pants.

-They are all terrible at walking up or down stairs. They fall up and down them all the time.

-They can’t keep their fat sausage fingers off children. We constantly see the ogling, unwanted touching, grooming, molesting, and sniffing. They lick their lips thinking of how good our children will taste. We watch families, and children’s lives destroyed as guardians and parents, alongside excited talk show hosts, promote destructive behaviors to groom children, essentially, turning them, the innocent, over to the cabal monsters.

-Within the walls of congress, we see politicians interact with invisible demons. We can only speculate who or what they are talking to, but, they make gestures by pointing and talking to them. For example, to get out of their seat so they can sit down.

-When the cameras are rolling, they all wear their masks for theatre, and immediately remove them when the cameras aren’t rolling.

-Fake News- we know them by their fruits ie. Some have great befuddling questions to mess with the cabal puppets. Soon, the cabal will turn on their puppets in the Fake News and every where else. The useful idiots will not escape their beat downs by the cabal. They just don’t realize it yet. Again, to avoid further damage, call on God and no longer believe Satan’s lies!!

-They constantly lie and when confronted, they lie and say they never said that. You goons, we have you on video.

-When they try to talk about and defend their actions on subjects like sending billions of our tax dollars off to other countries in foreign aid or to fight wars, they are really dumb and show they’re stupidity. We know Russia is a big country and Ukraine is a smaller country and they are fighting!!!

-They constantly shriek to the other demons that they will lose our democracy, lose our democracy!!!! God’s people only accepted and agreed to our original Republic. Since the cabal destroyed our Republic, we now look to ascend to the holy Monarchy to be ruled over by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

-They constantly threaten and mock Us.
They have uncontrollable fits of violent jerking as they cackle and they have constant uncontrollable cackling fits

-All wars are started by the cabal. Satan and his cabal have puppets in every country, in the world, that receive their evil orders to carry out their beat downs on the people, and their ridiculous pompous scripts to read (btw- their script writers do a terrible job- their scripts are trash just like their puppets are trash) Ukraine is one of their headquarters for bank Meccas where most of our stolen tax dollars currently land for their schemes of money laundering, human trafficking, and biological weapons etc…

-They use fake movie sets to trick us into believing they are speaking or reporting to us from another location. CNN is famous for covering Wars in the back lot of their building or other covert locations. We are simply watching a show. Nothing is real!

-They continue with their ridiculous theatre tricks, but they are losing their grip and they are terrible at it. We know there is no parking lot outside the windows of the Oval Office.

-They call themselves the elites, but all of their demonic technologies they learned from the Nazis, such as soul scalping, body jumping of consciousness’s, clones, vril lizards, through the eye, is apparently malfunctioning and they have become a bunch of demonic inbred misfits.

Trust your own eyes; we see:

-The Uncontrollable shaking - Also a sign of Kuru
-They answer scripted questions from the fake news while their throat expands and
contracts like a frog
-The same global cabal members represent both roles in the matrix market place. One day they run a company pushing their poison, and another day, they expose themselves as the assigned gate keepers of the institutions that are there to hold their poison products to some accountable standards.
-Not able to put two sentences together
-Their teeth are not human and they like to show their fangs
-Their face masks on the sides sometimes flap in the wind—
-Close up pictures show us they are not the same person each time we see them because their ears are different. Also, each time they get an Injection with a fake syringe, their arm is different in size, or more or less hairy
-Their eyes are wonky and all over their face
And to be in the club, you have to show one black eye; google : pictures
-Their symbolism will be their downfall like one eye symbol salute to Satan (google -pictures),and proudly displaying, recycled inverted symbols on their profiles mimicking the symbols previously used to target people in our past they slaughtered. They love their trophies so they display them proudly. Sick and twisted- we know them by their fruits… Satan’s cabal.
-The inverted symbols used on their profiles send a message to the peasants of just who they are, The Elites, while creating for themselves protection, by highly discouraging scrutiny of them unless you want to end up on a hit list
-FYI to the Elites: We now dub thee “The Inbreds”
-They love Epstein island and Jeffery Epstein. Who btw, didn’t kill himself
-With symbols, they covertly communicate with each other right under our noses. The symbols are shown everywhere in movies, TV shows, on their personage, and their businesses. The FBI has an official catalog of pedophile symbols they use constantly for communication, all the while, laughing at how stupid we are because we are not in their satanic club, and we don’t get joke
-They fall all over themselves, and sometimes are unconscious, when chucked, like a sack of potatoes, into their clone maintenance black van and lose their shoe only to emerge later on the sidewalk In front of the clone factory waving and hugging a child with no concern, whatsoever, for the child’s safety - You can’t make this shit up!
-All marketing and movies they do Include symbols: 666, free masonry symbols, the same one eyed tribute to Satan, blood, cannibalism, pedophilia to normalize evil in our everyday lives
-They hack up green goo lugies during speeches and constantly cough while giving speeches or simply trying to talk
-They destroy the Republic by taking away our First Amendment right to vote, but are still using the bill of rights and our constitution to push their agendas. You use the documents you truly despise to push your own crap! Truly inverted and wicked- We know them by the fruits/ Satan’s cabal

-We see
-They literally walk like robots. They don’t have a normal human stride or gate
-Their CGI green screens show us what we are watching is not real and is on a green screen. We are watching a movie folks !!!
-At press conferences, Hands that go thru fuzzy microphones
-The Pope standing in a window waving to adoring crowds, poof, suddenly, just disappears
-On the Telly, they start to change before our eyes as though the real evil essence of their being is under their skin, uncontrollably emerging like diarrhea. (Ewwwww! Sorry!). This might be hard for them to control under certain stressful situations (like: Shit, I’m on the Telly, and I can literally feel my scales breaking thru my mask…hope no one notices!)

From this day forward, We reject all but God to rule over us. We thank God and we humbly ask Him in Jesus Name, to…..expose and destroy all evil: Satan and his cabal and all those working against us in their dark secret and even unworldly evil kingdoms that harm others and harbor pain and death in the darkest secret places.

All in God’s timing, In this new age, on the other side, after this coming event, whether a solar flare or some other phenomenon, as God’s people, wherever we land here on earth, or in the heavenly realms, we have absolute peace in the knowledge that we will always be safe in God’s Hands.

As God’s People we reject and throw off all Those that seek to harm and separate us from God!

Today in your hearing, God’s People will only only accept The Holy Trinity as our government, with Jesus Christ as Our King. We only look to God Almighty Himself; The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We humbly ask God to answer our prayer request in Jesus’ Name. Amen

With absolute faith, we know God will deliver to us on all of His promises and our ultimate prayer request to live under the monarchy of the Trinity with Jesus Christ as our King!

We humbly and prayerfully ask God, in Jesus Name, to call us, His People as we accept, with our free will, His invitation to live with Him under His precepts for eternity where all evil will be in the past.

If you read between the lines, they tell us to our face they plan to kill us. “You will own nothing and be happy” (because they will own us). They constantly want to inject us, or implant us with their technologies to alter our DNA and separate us from God.

They want to depopulate the world to about 500 million human beings because they have determined that’s all they need of us to worship them as our God and be their trans human slaves. Not true? You say??

They have to tell us ahead of time what they are doing: The Lucious Trust on full display at the Satanic UN and Georgia Guide-stones- now destroyed by the White Hats.

They have patents to trap those who submit to their evil Plan because once they alter your DNA, they say you are no longer human and belong to them. Only Satan and his cabal could be capable of such insidious evil.

As God’s people, we have no reason to fear
And, we joyfully ask God to fulfill All of His promises to us. We have great faith in God and we know He will fulfill all of this promises.

We have no fear because God told us all of these things that will happen ahead of time and our faith will not be shaken.

God said to take the narrow road and few find it. In the matrix, our options have narrowed to two paths just like always, but there’s still time to change the road you’re on,….I hope so.

God said narrow is the path to Him. That path ascends straight up and it doesn’t veer left or right. Make sure you and those you love are prepared at any moment to be with God because whatever this future event is could change all of us, and everything, in the blink of an eye.

If politics is your thing, MALGA- Make America Love God Again should be the slogan for 2024 and/or WDNPA. We don’t need politicians Anymore!

We have learned that the way the trick works, we have the perception of many choices until our options in the matrix always eventually narrow, always political, and always come down to two choices; Democrats or Republicans and in 2022-24 Translation: Satan’s cabal or the White Hats.

Remember, God knows our heart, mind, soul, and spirit. God is searching for those who choose Him. Voting is one thing, but investing your total future In someone or something other than God would be a huge mistake and could have eternal consequences for you that you don’t even want to fathom.

With all of God’s wisdom we have today, the choice is clear. Use your free will to make the choice and invest yourself totally In Him, 100%, and imagine in a blink of an eye being subject to your chosen ruler. God is the only safe choice.

This trap we find ourselves in is also within a shit Storm, with too many unknowns and to choose anyone but God is dangerous and if we don’t chose Him with all our heart, we will betray HIM, AND we will show we haven’t learned anything.

As Gods People, in America we seek to recognize our opportunity and privilege, wherever we find ourselves, our GDNA (God DNA) consciousness tells us, we have a moral obligation to others. Grow where you are planted, so to speak. We are obligated to use all of our Godly attributes to take action to create a better world. Our voice and being heard, our vote, is the most precious gift from God that we have.

FYI all of our rights come From God, the only way we could still be standing in this evil matrix.

In the United States of America, supposedly, the most free nation in the world, satan and his cabal, In plain view, with all of his minions and useful idiots, Stopped and
Stole the 2020 election.

In the history of the United States, this has never happened!!! Not the stealing; the stopping! In our age of technology, this was obviously planned. An experiment, to see if we would continue to just roll with it and try to work through the matrix to fix it.

To a certain extent, this has been necessary to expose the truth to us thar the republic, within the matrix, has sadly been destroyed.

The truth will make you miserable, but it will set you free. We fought…we did the best we could to keep it, but They stole the freakin’ election! No going back! And what is in store for us is much better as we are ready to ascend to a new world, with Jesus as our King, where evil has been a cancelled and destroyed forever!!

In the matrix, all of our efforts will eventually always be destroyed. The matrix is Satan’s trash compactor to kill God’s People. Oh sure, we make it have it’s hiccups once in a while, and maybe slow it down for a little bit, but it will always manage to fix itself, kinda like Christine, the car in the movie, and all the foolish who stay inside it will eventually, realize the trap, but by then it is too late to escape.

Think about it: Why would we want to salvage and stay in an abusive demonic relationship with Satan and his cabal, on this unbearable matrix plantation, and now with a piece of duct tape over our mouth!!! Oh but wait, there’s more….this other group with the name White Hats is really wooing us, maybe they will treat us better in the matrix ……. I can see God standing there shaking His head in disbelief. Probably, the only time He’s ever had to experience disbelief.- just a joke! There is no shame for us, regardless of what they threw at us, we figured it out. We beat Satan’s and his cabal and all those who sought our destruction. Rejoice!!

Over the course of several days in November 2020, our 1st Amendment, our voice in the matrix was taken away. Fine by me!!

We are not on a break from satan and his cabal, like Ross and Rachel. This is the straw that broke the camels back!

We are on this evil, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Matrix Plantation, and sitting in the driveway, God has provided us a beautiful, shiny, new, red convertible, big enough for all of us, running, and with plenty of gas in the tank, keys in the ignition, a loaded gun with silver bullets in the glove box, just waiting for us to jump in and take off from the freaks and their freak show and take the narrow road directly to Him where we will be safe and sound. As God’s People, we jump in the car, we don’t stay on the plantation to receive more beatdowns and/ or worse by demons.

The cabal initiated the split, by stealing the election. They effectively said, “shut up God’s People you no longer have any power or say in anything we do.”The world went dark that week. The world was officially taken over by these demons that week. They just stole it right in front of our faces

The matrix is a black goo of quicksand, we don’t need to the fix matrix, we need to ascend as a civilization to the next level to God. The Republic served its purpose and prepared us for this moment to choose ascension or inevitable destruction.

We can’t be told the truth, we have to see it for ourselves and experience reality first which leads us to the truth and how we think and feel about things.

We are in grave peril and only God can save us and our children. The only action needed on our part is to turn to God and talk to Him. Father God, in Jesus’ name, We ask you our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, The Son of God, who died for our sins, and rose again on the 3rd Day to save us and deliver us from all evil worldly and unworldly including Satan and his cabal’s evil matrix.

We thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all you have done for us and we love you with all our hearts.

God’s People must now exile from the matrix. God has got this, and don’t worry He’s expecting a huge exodus. There is plenty of room for all, so no worries only constant prayer conversations with God is required. He is always in our conversations too.

Satan and the cabal and any others seeking to destroy us, we wanted to let you know we called Abba (Daddy) and he currently has us in an impenetrable safe zone within the matrix ready to pickup. And, we’re takin’ the dog dumbass!

Father in Heaven, please rescue us from Satan and his evil cabal of demons as we find ourselves trapped with them in this non-consensual, satanic, evil, controlling, dangerous, murderous, insidious , molesting, unbearable relationship within this matrix that we were born into and have been purposefully and insidiously snared into with no hope for escape, except by You Father! Father God in Jesus’ Name with thanksgiving, we pray!

We no longer have a voice, a vote, in the matrix, and you can’t fix that!!!!!

We learned from the matrix to never put baby in a corner, Satan and the cabal will soon learn the hard way, You don’t cancel God’s People- bitches!!! We ask God now to let the beat down begin on your sorry asses!!

-Who cares anyway; We rejoice at the breakup!!!!
-The Stolen election is the impetus to wake us up to the fact, they cancelled us! The Republic is lost!
-The matrix is a trap of quicksand for all human beings
-We need to be saved from the matrix, not try to fix it!
- Only Jesus Christ, the Son, of God can save us from this shit hole matrix - Truth!
If we stay in the matrix trying to fix it, we and our children will eventually be devoured by it. True- Everyone knows this is true.

Folks, this is our Red Sea Moment!!!!

We are asking God to Save us from Satan’s grasp. We have complete faith in God, so we know by trusting Him all things will soon be more clear. God’s light will reveal the truth to us. Trust God! Have faith!!!!

Forget the med beds and the other promises! Forget 2024?!!! We will be like ROCK! We don’t roll with their bullshit!

They cancelled us! So, in turn we cancel them! We ask God to save us from this insane matrix run by a bunch of satanic cannabalistic, cult heathens.

We know the most dangerous time for a human being is when they set in motion their escape from their abuser or cult.

Expect the usual threats and for the demons to release their flying monkeys on us. Do not fear, God will not let any harm come to us. It will actually be humorous to watch them fail and start cannibalizing each other.

Why would we blindly accept just anyone to rule over us? All they need is a catchy slogan, and a flashy carrot and we’re in 100%. Satan and his cabal know our kryptonite and they capitalize on our foolishness (our brain waged minds)by using the same one trick over and over…..

As Gods People, we will no longer accept being trapped, against our will, in this insidious, matrix. The stolen election, was meant to be our break through and it was! And, now there is no going back!

We are no longer hypnotized by the cabal so we are able break free from this
Beast matrix We did it!! We broke the matrix, and it took every single one of us!!

In the matrix, we are all hypnotized, brainwashed, and now traumatized on a daily basis. This is an assault on our consciousness, because through our consciousness, we communicate with God.

On the matrix plantation, Satan and his cabal, have access to our consciousness based on the choices we make. Freewill is at our essence as human beings. Satan’s trick is to brainwash us into believing we have real choice in all things not just certain things allowed in the matrix. However, satan is really offering the only options for the things that matter to us.

In elections for example, we only see the two perceived options and we don’t want to see any other options because we are brainwashed.

“But, what’s puzzling you is the nature of my

The song is Sympathy For The Devil- Referring to lyrics only not performers.
Only God knows the hearts and minds of men and women and God uses all kinds of people, especially, the high profile ones, to help expose us to the truth. As God’s People, this is a call to unite and come together and ask God to save us. We know God has brave soldiers everywhere and we salute everyone! Thank you!

The point: Music is an an absolute gold mine for truth nuggets.

As human beings, God is our only sane option for governance. Wow! That was Easy!!!! Hysterical!!!!

God’s People rejoice! We broke their matrix!!!!!!

God is waiting for us to chose Him as our King! We must chose Him as His people with our own free will!

We are joyful, with our new found freedom
That comes with this knowledge! Thank you,
God- thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank thank thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you…….YEAHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!

And that’s why it’s called TV programming.

Through mind control and programming our consciousness is being held hostage by Satan with the ultimate goal of separating us from God with the most evil insidious assault imaginable. The evil we are talking about is unimaginable; evil that sickens and shakes us to our core. Evil that we are just beginning to comprehend. Do you feel the evil as you begin to comprehend it.

You see, we are trapped on this plantation matrix, but our free will allows us to leave anytime. We just don’t realize it because we are hypnotized!

We are all hypnotized and slaves on the matrix plantation the most evil and insidious
Trap imaginable. A trap we can’t escape from, but can leave anytime we choose.

All children of the US who grew up with a Radio or TV have been MK Ultra’d and brainwashed.

We call to God our Father in Jesus’ Name to save us, as we turn over the reins to Him.

We are protected by God As He plans our deliverance and all strategies going forward and with complete trust, and faith in Him we joyously stand at His side, as we finally hear, with our ears, His sweet voice give us our precise instructions and battle plans.

We will always be in sublime concurrence with God’s Holy Precepts, and especially, His Holy military commands. At His precise instructions, together with our complete free will and participation, we ask God our Father, Jesus Christ, His Son and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity, The Holy of Holies to destroy all evil, the cabal and Satan and the secret covert actors who are merely sheep in wolve’s clothing.

We ask that God release His full wrath of anger and punishments on Satan and his cabal of demons, evil entities and any and all that have worked in the shadows or covertly against us to separate us from God.

Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly as you to force all of the cockroaches into the light for all the world to see.

Let the record show, All in the world will see them, exposed in God’s light. There will be no deniers among the people of the world of the evil we have witnessed, and experienced. We are in concurrence with God to completely obliterate and destroy all evil worldly and unworldly and in all of covert, secret places.

Father God, In Jesus Name, we ask you to release all of the prisoners held against their will, and return them safely to their families. All of the poor souls held by Satan and his cabal, and any of those held by worldly or unworldly evil characters we have yet to learn about.

God our Father knows all of secret places where evil hides…even evil hidden under rocks will be destroyed. Father God in Jesus Name, we ask you to destroy all evil, in the seen, and unseen places.

In Jesus’ Name, we ask you Father God, that all secrets be revealed to us, and especially, to the loved ones of those who are missing or who were taken out of the world by unknown evil murderers. We long for truth and justice and we petition You, Lord Jesus, the only who can deliver true justice for us your people.

All people of the world gladly participate along side God in the destruction of Satan and his cabal and all evil in the world including those in secret and the secret spiritual realms.

As human beings, we have to see things for ourselves and go through experiences to know the truth! We can’t just be told something. We have to see it for ourselves.

All of the pain we have experienced has been necessary for us to gain the proper true perspective of what we are up against. We now know the true insidiousness nature of evil and Satan’s desire to devour everyone and everything and eventually attempt to overthrow God! Doesn’t that piss you off?!!!

Without hesitation, we answer God’s call for our task at hand with Him, destroy Satan and his cabal and all evil everywhere. All evil will be destroyed and can no longer hide and Carry on in the future secretly by way of some other hidden form or fashion. All evil must be completely obliterated! Father God, in Jesus Name, you have our consent as your people to destroy all evil!!

Be wise and learn from our past mistakes.
We could be seeing controlled opposition where the enemy provides the hypnotized with the only two perceived options as our only choice : Done many times before to deceive us, and that is an undisputed FACT!

The only wise choice we have, in this situation, is to break out of their matrix and ascend to God. We have been told the gate is narrow and the path will ascend us, UP.

Ask a baby where God and Heaven are and see which way they point. Even babies know. We have been told to listen “from the mouths of babes.

We will always choose God to deliver us and rule over us going forward. Transition your thoughts to God and He will help you to see the truth and how dire our situation really is.

Remember the song about a revolution: Meet the New Boss, the same as the Old Boss. That mantra always comes to pass In the matrix because we are Looking for other human beings to rule over us.

We have shown God we want Him not the matrix or other human beings because human beings are not angels, and power always, always, always corrupts and ends in the mass murder of innocent human beings.

By looking to 2024, we are doing the same thing again looking to other human beings to trust, fix, and deliver us from our problems. The matrix is Satan’s lair and cannot be fixed

The matrix is a demonic trap created by Satan and his cabal to slowly, methodically, insidiously, and chaotically destroy all human beings….kinda like a trash compactor. God is not going to help us fix and solve the problems within it. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result. Stop! Just stop! And pray for clarity!

God wants us to see the matrix for what it is: Satan’s lair. We must face the truth and realize how dire our situation is. We need to be saved! We know we need to be saved from the matrix and God is the only one who can do it!

This analogy has been used before, but trying to fix the matrix and undo the theft of our 1st Amendment right to vote, and peacefully protest, is like rearranging the the deck chairs on the titanic.

Our 2020 election was stolen from us, and everyone with a functioning brain knows this. We, God’s People, were officially cancelled!

They cancelled us! Woo Hoo!!!
But wait there’s more; hold that thought. They cancelled us and destroyed the republic. The only thing pumping blood to the black heart of their Matrix!

So Satan and the cabal-You’re FIRED
And you just set your ultimate destruction in motion! Sweeeet!

So…If God’s People stay in the matrix,
What happens? We already know Their Same One Trick, God’s People will be devoured and destroyed because that is exactly what the matrix was designed to do.

We are in a trap: The Trojan Horse Matrix, just like the cabal planned. We belong with God and He will rescue us now! We only need to ask Him. The matrix is designed to weaken and eventually destroy us and all future generations. However, because the sole reason for the matrix was created to trap us, when we escape, the whole thing will implode just like building 7.

As God’s People, we know our only choice is God and we have invested our heart, mind, soul, and spirit in Him. We know God is the only One who can deliver us from this trap and we direct all of our faith directly to our very life source, God Himself!

Father God, we look to you, the only one, who can set all the captives free. We know our destiny is to be with You Father, in Your Kingdom, for eternity, where all evil is in the past. This is one of God’s many promises and God will always deliver on all of His promises.

We have been given the gift of spending eternity with Him and we will never be fooled into throwing away our inheritance and our rightful place with Him. By choosing God as our King, and sovereign ruler, Evil will be forever in our past.

We reject all those who are trying to trick us and separate us from God. We hold tight to God as He holds us tight, and we choose Him with our free will, He will always defend us and fight for us, and He will never let us slip out of His Hands.

The WHO- Won’t Get Fooled Again - 1978
Explains our current situation pretty well.

You know that the hypnotized never lie!!!
Do ya?!!!

Based on our relationship with God, Each one of us has our own timeline which determines our future and life story. God will determine how our story will end. Talk to God often and ask for His wisdom, truth, and discernment in all things and especially, with eternal decisions you make. God loves you so choose God!! But, it is always your choice!

Because of the Saints who came before us and taught us well, our generation has great faith! Make sure you don’t misdirect your faith to any one or anything other than God; only place your precious faith in God to protect your eternal soul and deliver you from Satan’s grasp.


Me, a Child of God calling out, from my roof top, into the wilderness of the matrix.

ps: To the narcissists: Any narcissists who have the audacity to respond to this letter, and claim I’m full of shit; write your own letter and from me to each of you………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,