Disney Price Increasing

Subject: Disney Price Increasing
From: Amy Nguyen
Date: 21 Mar 2017

Dear Walt Disney,

Disneyland, a place that’s filled with joy, laughter, and known as the happiest place on earth. But, is it the happiest place if you end up being broke because you just spent $1000 on a pass?
Since the day you created this land, more than 600 million guests have visited the resort. Last time we recorded, in 2012 averagely 44,000 visitors would come per day. I myself,have been a passholder for most of my life, 13 years exactly. Ever since I was a passholder, I enjoy your creativity and imagination: the fun attractions, thrilling rides, great parades with our favorite disney characters, and performances with booming fireworks. Disneyland is a place where I made fun memories with my friends and family. Sadly, this year is my first year not owning a pass, and I can no longer create last minute plans with my friends to go to “our 2nd home”. I may not own a pass anymore, but I still see your fans who are willing to do anything to see your great and original park. There may be 11 Disneyland theme parks all around the world, but many people from different continents fly across the sea or continent just to see your great creativity for their families including making their children’s dreams come true.

Your land making so many people broke like me, is getting out of hand. Walt, what happened to the 10 cents and 30 cents rides? What happened to the $3.50 admission back in the 70’s? How can Disneyland be the happiest place on earth when you want Disney your fans to pay thousands of dollars for a small single card, that even has days where we can’t use our pass to go into the park! These blackout dates are also not necessary.

I am writing you this letter to not only complain the unnecessary prices you had to raise, but asking to lower them down! Some passholders and disneyland lovers such as parents, friends, teens, and maybe even children, would want to see your wonderful park again and enjoy the fun rides while creating great memories.


Amy Nguyen