Dear Phil Collins; A Letter To Phil Collins about removing pre-1996 solo music from Spotify

Subject: Dear Phil Collins; A Letter To Phil Collins about removing pre-1996 solo music from Spotify
Date: 26 Nov 2015

Dear Phil Collins,
Thank you for removing all of your solo material pre-1996 from Spotify. It's really made me appreciate all of your newer stuff. Indeed as I sit here, penning this letter while listening to your classic 2010 album Going Back, I can only reflect and realise what a fool I am for overlooking your more recent efforts.
With legendary tracks like 'Love Is Like A Heatwave', 'Love Is Here And Now You're Gone', 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever', 'Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue?', 'Standing In The Shadows Of Love', 'Some of Your Lovin' and the unforgettable 'In My Lonely Room' finally ringing in my ears, indelibly imprinted into the cultural tapestry, I can only hold my hands up and accept it was my ignorance that delayed this enlightenment.
Thank you for forever altering the way your audience views your legacy, I mean who would want to listen to the 1991 Grammy Award winning Record of the Year 'Another Day In Paradise' or just listen to 1990's biggest selling album of the year '...But Seriously' when they can revel in your seminal 2003 five-song epic 'Live At The Bottom Line/NYC Trilogy III' (speaking of which, where are parts I and II? I really want to hear those) featuring the always memorable 'Malaga Virgin' and the revolutionary 'Dance of the Illegal Aliens'.
No longer will I look to your greatest hits collection '...Hits' when I need a fast fix of classic Phil when I can now jump head first into the critically acclaimed 'Dance Into The Light', an album I now feel is only bettered by your magnum opus; 2002's 'Testify' which reached the rarefied air few artists ever reach. The fact sales didn't match the glory of that album is one of the true crimes of this millennium.
I am forever in your debt, thank you for being my musical guide dog.
Kind regards,
(Newly imbued Phil Collins superfan)

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