Dear Karan Mehra, Rajan Shahi Sir, and Star Plus

Subject: Dear Karan Mehra, Rajan Shahi Sir, and Star Plus
From: Loyal NAKSH and YRKKH fan
Date: 14 Jun 2016

Dear Star Plus, Rajan Shahi Sir, and Karan Mehra

It has been precisely seven years, five months, and six days since yrkkh started. I have been following this show since its first episode. It is because the concept was so interesting and beautiful. The concept itself of love after marriage looked so appealing. Yeh Rishta brought and showcased arrange marriage in such a promising and beautiful way. The leads Naitik and Akshara played by Karan Mehra and Hina Khan instantly grabbed attention because they made such an eye pleasing and beautiful couple. The chemistry they shared was just so simple yet so much fun and impressive. Each and every character, be it gayatri, rajashree, vishamber, dadaji,Dadi, rajbana, rashmi, varsha, shaurya, nandini, bhola bhaiya, dhaniya, gopi dadi, nani jee, gulabo, or maharaj jee added their own style and unique touch to the show.

The biggest USP of the show was its simplicity and most importantly the magical chemistry of NAITIK and AKSHARA. I still remember Naitik Akshara first cheek kiss scene. Secretly, Naitik came to Akshara’s terrace and they had their own cute conversation. And Naitik give her a cute kiss on her cheek and Akshara blushed. That was such an amazing scene. It was a simple scene yet created so much impact. All youngsters could connect with it. That scene was beautifully written, directed, and equally amazingly enacted by Karan Hina. Although I was following YRKKH from before but it was that scene that made get hooked up to the show and that made me fall in love with Naitik Akshara so intensely. After that there was no looking back. After that, the viewers got so many beautiful and interesting scenes of Naitik Akshara. Usually, onscreen couples chemistry get repetitive and boring after a while.

BUT here it was opposite, Karan Hina chemistry just got better with each passing day and scene. Some of the most memorable Naksh centric tracks were of course Naitik Akshara marriage, Batwara track, Akshara’s miscarriage track, Nilami track, Naitik’s accident track, and along with many other tracks.

Each of these tracks had its own uniqueness. The direction, writing, and the chemistry between the leads and whole family was so effortless and was executed in the most beautiful way. When I think about those tracks, I get a smile on my face as well as a tear in my eye. A smile because it reminds me off those beautiful moments that not only Naitik Akshara lived but also we the viewers lived with them. A tear in my eye because we viewers know that we will never be able to live those moments ever again. The journey of Karan Hina as Naitik Akshara has ended. The journey of our Naitik with love of his life, his beloved kids, and his everlasting family has ended. And it pains me immensely as I write this. I never thought that I would write this. I never thought that there will be an episode that will not have Naitik present. I never thought that the journey of Naitik Akshara will end. I never thought that our Karan will leave Yeh Rishta. But it happened and we are left wondering that what should we do next. It is hard to believe that the journey of our NAKSH/HIRAN have ended. Although we always knew that one day it will end but we thought that there will be an happy end to it. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Sometimes I do wonder about the rishta we share with Yeh Rishta. Even we don't know yeh rishta kya kehlata hai. Because there is no name but it is a beautiful rishta. We loyal fans just didn't watched the show but we lived each moment of it. It was a beautiful experience of 7.5 years. An experience which is unforgettable and extremely memorable. Sometimes this journey did got little worrying and tedious but what kept us hook to the show was its simplicity, the chemistry between the two leads, and the story. We watched every episode hoping that next episode and next track will be better.

Never did we imagine that we will see this day. According to me, A show must go on because hundreds of families are dependent on this show. This show provides them with bread and butter. And this is very important. But it's hard to imagine this show without our beloved Naitik/Karan. I do know that there was a valid reason behind Karan Mehra’s decision. And I respect that decision and I am sure all the other viewers respect your decision too. However, it is really hard to come in terms with this decision. It is just so hard to accept that you will no longer be part of the show. I still remember and I hope you remember too that the loyal fans of NAKSH created an online magazine called NAKSH CHRONICLES. I was a part of it too and we as a team put long hours to it so it can be a success and can be memorable for our Yeh Rishta team including our Hiran. We were so happy when we got the leads interview. We were so happy when Rajan sir commented on our magazine. The appreciation was so fruitful and satisfying as a fan. That was a small gift from the viewers to their beloved YRKKH and Naksh. Through that magazine, we just wanted to show our love. We were not getting anything else from it. That was our love for Yeh rishta and Naksh/Hiran.

Just last week, Karan Hina won an award for best Jodi and Yeh Rishta won an award for best jodi. That was the best news for us. It made us so proud of our show and the lead couple. Little that we know that it was the last jodi award of Karan Hina. All the votes we made by staying up for various nights felt like a waste. When we heard that Karan shot his last day for yrkkh it was heartbreaking for us.

Although I do know that everyone will eventually move on but then I also know that nothing will same anymore. Naksh/Hiran are gone forever. Our Naitik is gone from yeh rishta. I do know that we cannot force our opinion on karan or anyone else. At the end of the day, it is his life and he has taken his decision. However, the best we can do is REQUEST. Yes it might be too late but still I along with all the other loyal Naitik Akshara fans request you to please reconsider your decision Karan. We request the channel and production house to once again reconsider our request. Yeh Rishta will continue but it won't be the same for its loyal viewers. We do want you back in the show. For us, it is fine if you want to take a break. That will be so much better than you just leaving the show. At least there will be a ray of hope that you will be back. Again, no one can force you but it's just a request from millions of NAKSH fans. Please please once again think about it and if possible please listen to popular demand.

We need our Naitik back! Yeh Rishta needs its Naitik Back. Naitik Akshara are on screen Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. And we do not want to leave our evergreen and epic couple.

Thank you
Sincerely a die heart NAKSHIAN