Dear Disney and all those involved in the film industry

Subject: Dear Disney and all those involved in the film industry
From: X
Date: 12 Apr 2015

I think is fair to say that for a large proportion of today's population, Disney animated Classics are and always will be an integral part of childhood. The beauty of them being that they are timeless. As a child of '96 it goes without saying that I was not alive when the bulk of these films were released.Nevertheless I did of course get to see them all and I'm sure I could say the same for the majority of my generation.I was dismayed when I first heard that Cinderella was being re-made as live action. Re-imagined. Modernised. Ruined. Now I hear Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book and Mulan* to name a few are now also to be re-made in live action.
*(I am aware there is already a Chinese live action version.However it is more of a historically based feature than a kid's film)

In response to all of this, I am writing this Open Letter - and the question I must pose is .. Why? Having viewed the trailer for the newest re-vamp of Cinderella I just wonder.. Why on earth would anyone want to see it. We know the story we know the actors ..what it are you bringing that wasn't brought before?
There is no need for fairytales to be made into live action they're fictional and whimsical and that is how they should stay. Even I admit to giggling at Snow White and Sleeping beauty due to their dated and slightly warbling songs but that is part of their classic charm.
Moreover,The world is not short of stories and scripts. Frozen is a prime example of the fact that there are still so many stories to be told, so many young writers who need a break. And furthermore that . animated films are not outdated . How is the film industry going to develop if barely a century after it was conceived,Those in power are deciding not to grow but just to rework pieces that have already been done as it if was the fashion industry.
I shudder to think of some horrible live action Born-Free-esque attempt at the Lion King .
Let the classics be the classics and let new people enter the industry.
Of course this is all about money. Of course parents will take their dear darlings to see these films which are a shadow of those they are based on. Of course this will earn you billions and of course in this day and age that's all that matters.
But I just wonder, in 35 years time when you ask a child their favourite Disney movie is and they reply 'The Jungle book - The one where Benedict Cumberbatch plays Shere Khan' ..... Were all of those dollars worth it?