Dear Deepika Padukone

Subject: Dear Deepika Padukone
From: Fabienne
Date: 28 Jul 2015

My name is fabienne I’m 24 years old, I’m a nurse student and I live in Switzerland.
I’m a big (big isn’t enough) fan of you
First because of your Acting:
My first movie of you was Ram-Leela, but the first thing I watched with you in there, was the song “Nagada Sang Dhol.” At first I didn’t like the song and I didn’t know it was you. At that time, I was looking for something to watch on a European group of fan of Bollywood but when first I hear the song I didn’t like it at all! But now it’s like a ritual since I watched ram-Leela to listen to it twice a day and I been almost a year since I watched the movie for the first time!
Then, a day when I was looking for an Indian movie I saw the poster of the movie with this legend below “ ... Roméo et Juliette version Indienne...” (...Indian version of Romeo and Juliet...) Since I’m a romantic person I decided to watch it.
I can’t find a world to explain how I was after watching the movie. All i know is that I was speechless and amazed by it. During that week I watched the movie every day! Now even though i don’t understand a lot of Hindi I know this movie by heart! The songs of the movie became my songs of the moment! I learn even how to sing the song and I can see the entire scene of “Lahu Munh Lag Gaya” and “Nagada Sang Dhol” just by listening to the song!
This is since that movie that I became a fan urge of you!
Your acting was mind blowing, perfect! For me, there are two scene of it that I like the most.
The first one is, when Ram is telling to not fall in love with him because he’s your enemy and look at him and say “dushman” every time I stop the movie just because of how beautiful you are the second scene is when your are dancing on “Nagada Sang Dhol” and you see Ram arrive. Your acting is mind blowing in the entire movie but in that scene there is something magical!
Then I watched all the promo about the movie and all your other movie.
I must tell you that I hesitated a long before watching cocktail but now it one of my favorite movie of you with the movie “Love Aaj Kal” (this movie make me cry a lot), YJHD and Ram-Leela of course
I have all your movie on DVD and waiting to ad Piku, Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani to my collection. I also have YJHD and Ram-Leela on my Ipad and my mac! Ram-Leela is the only DVD that my friends cannot borrow from my Bollywood collection even Devdas they can borrow but not this one its too precious for me.
For me you’re the best actress in Bollywood and when I saw the trailer of Bajirao Mastani it just confirmed my thoughts about that! By the way I’m sure you will get a lot of awards for that movie and during the rest of your career!
And secondly for your personality:
You’re an amazing person the way you manage to smile to be polite in every interview is wonderful even though I think sometime you should be a little less politically correct lol.
When you talked about your depression and how it was hard for your, I was like “whoah” she had a lot of courage to talk about her illness like this! I was very impressed and touched! For “My Choice” also I did understand why you did it and it’s also something very courageous to accept to give your voice for that kind of issue.
The ad that you made with your mum was so emotional! It only last less than 2 minute but it make me cry every time watch it, because we see through your eyes all the love that you have for your mum and it’s beautiful!
I have to tell you that if I have Twitter and Instagram now it’s because of you,since I live in Switzerland the only way for me to have daily news about you it’s by those social media. My biggest dream is to meet you one day because I admire you so much! For my 24th B-day my friends give me a t-shirt with your picture and I almost cry when I saw it! I was so happy and every time I look at it (because I only wore it once) I can’t stop smiling! My mum and my sister think I’m crazy when they saw me doing this!
I even try to send you a letter with some gift but I still doesn’t know if you have received it or no and I also post my letter on Twitter but since you have so many fans I don’t know if you have see it!
I know this a long letter I wrote for you but it’s my only way to tell you how much I admire you and much you make me smile even when I’m not in mood and how much you’re an amazing actress and an amazing and wonderful person
Thanks a lot for being who you are but also for responding to one of my questions while you were promoting Piku!
I hope you will read that letter and you will appreciate it.
(My Twitter name is bibi509a)