Dear Ashton Irwin

Subject: Dear Ashton Irwin
From: Lauren Gourley
Date: 4 Jun 2015

Ok, I've been holding this back for a while now so I'm just going to do this regardless of the hate

It begins with a story
Once upon a time in Australia there was a boy. He joined a band, called 5 seconds of summer. They went on tour with one direction and they now tour the world stealing the hearts of MILLIONS!
This one boy made crazy videos about random things nearly every single day, telling her how much he loved us and just talking about where they were and their plans.

That boy was you
But all of that changed one day. You made less and less videos, you didn't tell us you loved us much, you found a "girl" who you think loves you (but more on that later)

As for the videos, you just stopped. The last video you made on your Keek account was 4 months ago, and yes, you do make videos on your Facebook page while you're on your, but that'll stop soon too, won't it?
You stopped telling us that you loved us altogether. Do you realise how much that hurts?
Then a girl came along. Her name is Bryana Holly. We have seen you guys together a lot lately, and to be fair we don't mind that but what we DO mind, is that you won't even tell us you're going out with her! You can't deny it anymore so why not just tell us! We won't eat you!
A lot of us don't like you two together, but it's not because we are jealous of her, it's because we know what she's like. You haven't heard? I get to tell you then!
Bryana made a video with her friend. They were fat shaming. Do you really think that's something nice to do? Granted she took it down, but that video is still on the Internet and with a bit of looking you will find it. One thing you certainly fail to see is that (and I don't care what anyone else says because we all know it's true) she's changing you into someone you're not.
For the past few months fans have seen you with her and they go up and ask for pictures and you do not of three things 1) you yell at them 2) you tell them that you will be back later only to not return or 3) you pretend you aren't Ashton Irwin. This isn't ok. She is moulding you into a male version of herself.

I'm not going to lie, I still love you to bits. But you're losing fans, they're giving up on you, and hear me out on this: you could ruin the band and if you do, your name will go down in flames as the person who ended 5 seconds of summer.

People are giving up on you, and soon I will too

Okay granted, you need privacy, you can't always meet fans, you're growing up, you don't have time for videos anymore. But we need SOMETHING, some sort of clarification that things are going to be ok, for you to confirm your relationship because I swear to god if you don't, you'll ruin the band and your career and we won't be there to help you back up again

Just remember, YOU said you would always be there for us