Dear Anne Cohen (who penned an open letter to Johnny Depp)

Subject: Dear Anne Cohen (who penned an open letter to Johnny Depp)
From: Vessy Mink
Date: 19 Nov 2016

I read your open letter to Johnny Depp... (letting him know that you do not need him anymore)... That you would be getting rid of your pillow with his face on it.... etc. I read about how the only reason you ever dug him anyway was because of his chiseled masterpiece of a face...and that you objectified and lusted after him for years and fed on him as countless others have. I read about how much you hate him now, about how all those years of vamping on him and his spirit, is eternally a regret...
I am writing this open letter to you Anne Cohen because unfortunately you have not been completely honest with yourself nor your audience... Calling him out like you did with an online open letter describing your disgust and outrage for everything you believe him to be, made it perfectly clear that you do in fact "need him." Right now you specifically need him and his brand for your own platform. I don't know Johnny Depp nor do I know Amber Heard... what I do know is that for whatever reasons, the charges against JD were dropped. It is crushing and I get that. I get that your whole "idea" of him was based on a heart throb desire for him that equivocally disappeared the moment that the abuse allegations were put into the machine...the machine of our destitute vulnerabilities that cease to exist when we choose love over fear. Afterall our consciousness is so easily accessible by those whom we hold dear... By those we have placed on pedestals...By those whose humanity we have deemed to be perfect, and not false. It is our response to this heartbreaking love story that mirrors what we despise most within ourselves and that is the inability to love ourselves and therefore the inability to truly love another.

I hate to think JD assaulted Amber, that he verbally and physically abused her for the entirety of their relationship, as she previously stated...and I admit awful as it sounds...I don't want to believe that it's true. I don't want my idea of who he actually is as a man, to be destroyed. I don't want to think him barbaric and dangerous and a threat to women. I feel socially irresponsible for leaning toward someone I've felt close to for a long time...and at the same time I lean into her... I lean into the ages of violence against women and children where the abusers continue to get away with it, one atrocity after another. Millions of women and children (and the honest hardworking men that they love), are being forsaken right now by a system that was created to maintain such inequality.

Unfortunately we are all part of that system...part of that machine used to conquer and divide. It is not until we tear down the facade that we will be able to step up and really help each other along. I long for the truth to come out. I want A new day. A new time. A well lit path where the abusers come forth and admit what they've done. I want them to walk away from who they are abusing and display one courageous honorable and dignified step in the right direction of eliminating violence towards women and children worldwide. It is where we come from is it not? Violent patterns of war with rape and pillage one century after another? Love is all there is. Everything else is false. A heart was meant to beat but hands were not. Leaning into love and nothing else.