Darkspear nevah die blizzard

Subject: Darkspear nevah die blizzard
From: Kim
Date: 18 Aug 2016

I am writing to you in this open letter because i have something i have to say. It has been one week since the pre expansion hit my server, and i got to do the broken shore quest.

Now before we start, i am a huge alliance fan. Most of my characters are on the blue banners side, mostly because there is where i feel like i fit in.

Now, that does not mean i hate the horde, on the contrary i am a fan of their lore and well attitude towards the world that does not like them and looks at them as misfits, or monsters (I am looking at you Jaina)

One of the races that truly hit me there was the trolls, not just their Jamacian accent but just how they interacted with the world and i got a sense of Maya/Native american vibes of them more then anything else. And the dedication they had to the horde was on par, if not more then Orcs themselves. They are rich in culture the main culture of the world, they share the same ancestors as the night elfs for crying out loud. And one of the few trolls that got the spotlight was of course the wonderful person named Vol'jin.

Now, i have played since the burning crusade, i always loved that books came out from wonderful writers, that just continued to deepen the lore of the world that is Azeroth. And when MoP finally came out, and our troll leader of the darkspear got his own book even i was hooked. I created my first troll on the horde side and just yelled out ''Darkspear nevah die!''

You gave him such a great character development through MoP, you gave him heart, courage. You gave him not only a purpose but a personality that even Varian Wrynn second guessed himself after the end of Garrosh about taking over the horde.. You don't understand.

Because Vol'jin became the warchief, The leader of the alliance did not take over a weakened horde.. Do you know how big that is? If any other people, even if it was Thrall, Varian Wrynn would have just said ''Horde is no more'' And Our little black dragon would have gotten what he wanted.

But no, Varian knew how Vol'jin was. He had heard stories, he had understood. That is how important you guys made him...

Now i took a long break, and did not play when WoD was active, matter of fact i came back three months ago. And the first thing that struck me was... Where is Vol'jin? In the Storyline? He showed up once, to say ''good job mon'' And that was it, now i can understand since Varian did the same thing...

But i thought ''You know what, Legion.. Here we come baby'' And long story short. A demon who's name i bet we will never know, i will call him ''Lucky demon number 14 from the right'' stabs Vol'jin and fel poison killed him in the end.....

J..No....You can't do that Blizzard.. You can't...No...Varian dies because he sacrificed himself, killed that huge new type of fel reaver, then gets destoryed in such a horrific heroic way by saying straight to Gul'dan's face ''For the alliance!''' A big F.U toward Gul'dan.. And what does Vol'jin get?

''Da spirit has granted me clearity'' No....''You must step out of da shadows'' NO......''And lead...the horde'' NOOOO ''As Warchief..*dead* '' .......

I wasn't sad, i was furious.. And i was happy that i was furious.. Because Blizzard had manage to give me such a character on the horde side that i was so emotional involved in..But i was furious because, Vol'jin. the darkspear tribe leader, the troll that stood in the face of Garrosh and said ''Imma kill you if you fuck up'' Got his throat sliced and poisoned, recovered and just stood there more badass then anyone else has ever done, got killed because of character development for SYLVANAS? The banshee queen, who was front and center through so many expansions..

This is an open letter to you Blizzard, cause iknow Legion will be awesome, i just want you to undersand one thing.. I want you to understand why we as fans are angry, because you sacrificed vol'jin, for character development for Sylvanas Windrunner, who did not need any more character development. You sacrificed The leader of the darkspear tribe, one of the few feeeew Trolls that have lore.. For the banshee queen that has so much character

Im sorry this letter is turning into a rant..

But do you blame me?

But there is still hope in my heart, a hope that you guys did not ''fuck up'' But is secretly having something we don't know about yet, that Vol'jin saying ''Darkspear nevah die'' Actually was a foreshadow to this point right here.

Because i can not think, you guys did years of character development, time and effort, money. Blood and tears and sweat from the artists and the voice actor of Vol'jin to just have him die in such non heroic way, nor anything meaningfull. You are not GoT Blizzard.

So i still have my hopes, maybe i will see Vol'jin again, soon.