Daniel M

Subject: Daniel M
From: Someone
Date: 30 Sep 2022

Dear Daniel I can’t tell you this in person or on the phone. But I’m devastated at what I found out. After we last talked, it was brought to my attention from someone we both know, that you have a criminal record. A pretty serious one. With 13 different things. Ranging from a felony (theft), to reckless driving. What’s so horrible is that you paint yourself to be this good, humble Christian man whom turned his life around. Yet just when you supposedly turned your life around, you were literally arrested for a DUI and then a month later theft of up to 50k!. Why not tell me when we started to get close!? Mr EOTMEDIA you really are a wolf in sheeps clothing! If you so much as hurt anyone else, I will have my attorney serve you papers! Stay away from good people! Stop pretending to be something you aren’t! You are a felon! Not a walking Christian! I pray God softens your heart and helps to change you for the better! Right now you disgust me and those of us that accidentally found out this information!