A Curtain Drops (Linda Ellerbee)

Subject: A Curtain Drops (Linda Ellerbee)
From: Frank Ammerlaan (Netherlands)
Date: 3 Dec 2015

A time and a place for everything
An era now comes to an end
Linda Ellerbie’s retiring
Her time on TV is spent

She made many a child smarter
and more understanding in many ways
Consumer-friendly like a mac computer
she uncomplicated the news, day-by-day

I bet many journalists
have learned from her wits
after all
most of ‘em grew up with Nick News
When they were still kids

It´s time for them to fulfil your role
The young ones get to take the lead
I hope that many of them are women
I, too, believe in an equal treat
For both sexes

Frank Ammerlaan

Hi Linda,
This poem needs a short explanation.

I’m practicing my writing skills, looking to improve them.
In my profession, I write mostly technical memos and reports. That’s why I picked writing poetry. I want to practice putting emotion in my texts. It’s not something I never really learned. Not even at my (Dutch) High School, I’m sorry to say.

I know my poetry’s technically not very complicated. Still, I get some nice feedback. A journalist in the Netherlands published one of my poems on a website. That poem is about three remembrance stones, placed to commemorate a small Jewish family that was murdered during WWII. Also, I wrote a poem for a colleague of mine who owns a café, but is closing doors in December. My poem really touched him. That’s so nice to see.

Now, while googling for something to write about, I read the announcement of your retirement. Also, I read a short summary of your (quite impressive) career. So, this time I decided to write something for you. I hope you like it, too.

Yours truly,
Frank Ammerlaan