BSS Elections : new possibilities

Subject: BSS Elections : new possibilities
From: Diganta Bhattacharjee
Date: 25 Mar 2024

Dear BSS Members,

I have received a lot of joy from my journey in BSS. Hence even though now I am not actively involved as BSS volunteers I stay connected with BSS in various ways. I also try to bring voices that probably is unnoticed by BSS leadership.

I would like to share some thoughts with BSS members especially when BSS volunteers are going to form a new team for another year exciting journey.

First let me thank each of the volunteers, EC members for all your efforts. Taking out time from personal commitments for voluntary social organization is not at all easy.
Next special thanks to all EC members, with BSS growing there is always diverse opinions, and it sometime takes lot of time to build consensus. Thanks all for your patience.
Special thanks to Nabarun for his calmness and not getting agitated even when sharpest of thing being said to him. It is a big leadership quality that all aspiring leaders should practice / develop.
However, this quality has sometime worked to disadvantage when he kept is silence when difference in team came up. It caused some people leaving BSS as they found no one to address their concerns.
Some in Team NP may say that those who left were poisonous, and BSS is good to not have them. I can not say for all but at least few who left are good souls and they left as they did not want to fight everyday in EC and thought it is better to give their time to some other initiative. It’s a loss to BSS that BSS leadership failed to engage with them. I have been introspecting for past couple of years, but in current scenario too I do see resistance from few members of Team NP to allow anyone else take the lead (even if the person is from their own team).

This has created a perception that team NP is run by a group and if one is not part of that group then they are not welcome to BSS. This is unfortunate thing. We all should do something about it, and one option is to let a new face lead, we all support him.
This is not possible without Team NP support. I know Team NP members will be unhappy with my insistence of him making way for a new face but I need to make this proposal so that BSS is seen more open to all not just as members but as part of EC.
Further, Nabarun is like Bhishma. No one can beat him in election unless if himself decides, and hence I directly request Nabarun to vote for Amlan. You a nice person where you can not say anything to your opposer what can you say to your supporters.

If anyone find my message disrespectful or objectionable, my apologies in advance.

With best wishes,