To someone I loved much more than he deserved

Subject: To someone I loved much more than he deserved
From: Genuine
Date: 17 Jan 2017

Through every lie (the ones I did know about, and the ones I did not), I still loved you. I thought we shared something so special and so real, while you used me only for an ego stroke, your personal kinks and purely for sex. You said one thing and did another; and then you played the victim when I asked questions or expected to be treated with care. You knowingly lied, used your only child in those lies, and then allowed me to be the one to beg you for forgiveness for my expectations. I would've done anything for you...and I did... so how could you possibly be so heartless. It is beyond my comprehension and has been a hurt like no other. As soon as you no longer needed me, I was treated like a nuisance and the real you became evident. I know about every lie. You really are terrible at it, so don't assume I walk away thinking I did anything wrong at all. I know I did not. I was more of a friend than you deserve. That may have been the only truthful thing you ever said to me. I know about the concert with your friends the weekend you couldn't go with me to PA because you 'had your daughter.' I know about the girlfriend you had for basically 2 years before she moved back home. I know about the work trips that were lies and were really trips with her. All of the hotels I paid for over the past few years weren't free. I drove to you every time while you continued to pretend you wanted to go places with me, but made excuses for why you couldn't even go anywhere out of town. I always wondered if you were embarrassed by me or something...if I wasn't good enough. You allowed me to pay for things, to do so much for you, while you did nothing in return. It's a coldness and calculating thing I cannot even imagine. I will never have a heart or mind like that, and for that I am thankful. I am not jealous of your new fling. It will not last. No relationship you ever have will have any depth, or last any amount of time because you are incapable of depth. You are an empty shell seeking only what pleases him, and it will be a short time before she also recognizes this. Kudos on picking someone young enough to be naive though, since you are so bad at lying. You really aren't gods gift to women. I hate to be the one to break that to you. The reason my friend would never come with me to see you is because she thought you weren't attractive.
Don't worry. I'm not pining over you, or hell bent on retaliation. You will one day see I was the best thing to ever cross your path, and that is revenge enough for me...because I am 100% certain it is true. You will be old and alone one day. It's the only possible outcome for men like you...and that is a sad future indeed. Enjoy it. You've earned it.


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