From Prince to Pauper

Subject: From Prince to Pauper
From: Ashton Kenward
Date: 2 Dec 2016

As a young girl I always dreamt of "prince charming". Little did I know you'd show up so early in life. I received cute texts, uplifting spirits, promises you swore you'd keep, little notes left around my house for me to read when I least expected it. You gave me the spirits I had needed to keep chugging along. And, boy was I in love.
I gave you my all and more, I wanted my prince to be so happy, even if it meant I wasn't. I left home, I stopped talking to friends, I abandoned the people that were truly always there for me. I gave you every last bit I had to give. Sure, you helped me when I fell, you gave me rent money when I was falling short that month, you bought a few groceries when I couldn't. Yeah, you started to make me happier than ever. But, what you didn't do was tell me how beautiful I was, tell me what I needed to hear when I was falling apart, you didn't give me anything but complaints. It was always what I did wrong and never what I was doing right. You never had a positive thing to say about me.
But, I moved here for you. I was so scared I'd lose you to someone else. I mean, I already had almost lost you twice. You made girls fall for you so fast. You were so manipulative. You made me feel bad, not for me, but for you. The way you held yourself, the way you cheated, the way you lied. I felt so bad for you. Yet, I was the one apologizing. You were my everlasting love, and I wasn't going to let anyone tear us apart, so I left my home for you.
I gave you everything, but somehow you told me I was taking you for granted, that I was the one being selfish, that I was the one who wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you. I hate to break it to you pal, but I'd be here with or without you, you just helped move the process along. As much heartache as you caused me, I still loved you. And, honestly I still do. I'm not sure why I do, but I do. So, yeah I screwed up. I let the worst get the best of me. But, don't think for one second I was anymore wrong than you. You pushed me to the point of mental insanity, and I let you. I let you do whatever you wanted, and you royally messed me up.
Now you're lying to other girls, calling me names. My favorite one is a "cheating sociopath". Who knew right? I've got my options, and I damn sure won't be choosing you again. I've chosen you over everyone for years, but no more. I'm done being lied to, cheated on, mentally screwed because you tell me that depression isn't real. It's real, and it sucks. So come tell me again that I can't make it without you. Because, I'm making it. I'm hurt, I'm stressed, I'm dumb for allowing you to do all that you did, but I'm making it. You might not have laid your hands on me like the last guy, but your words hurt just as bad. And, you're no better than he is. So lie some more to your girls who will do anything it is to please you, just like I did. But eventually, it'll catch up to you. Just watch. One day you'll see how right I was. I was and will be the only one to deal with you in the type of way I did. Good luck on your journey, I truly wish you well. But know that at one point in time you were my everything, my prince and more. But, after treating me so poor, you're just a pauper who can never afford a girl like me.


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