To the person who drives me crazy.

Subject: To the person who drives me crazy.
From: Anon
Date: 27 Jun 2017

Dear the person who drives me crazy,
Iv fallen for you. I didn't think I would but I have and its driving me crazy. Its driving me crazy because I don't think you feel the same. It drives me crazy that your the only person who has ever made me feel scared of losing someone. It drives me crazy how my heart actually aches knowing you don't feel the same.
You talk to me as if your talking about me and I fool myself into thinking you are. Then when I realise your not talking about me my heart aches even more. You make me feel as if I'm the only person you talk to the way you do like I'm different but I'm starting to believe I'm not. You make me feel things iv never felt for another person this feels real like those stupid movies with the happy endings when the two end up together but this time I know that this not a movie this is no happy ending.
I know I'm going to lose you no matter how hard I try I know you'll realise I'm just every other girl and you deserve better and I completely agree. Iv never fell for anyone before and I didn't realise that until today until I realised I'm losing you. I'm a runner il always leave the relationship first il run away because I know I'm not there I'd rather be on my own than unhappy but you make me want to stay and fight l want to give you everything I can. I want to give anything you want. I wish I could tell you all this but I am a coward.
You are amazing kind smart and beautiful and I would drive hours to see you. I worry about you and I care about you and I always will care about you.
I wish you could tell me if you felt the same. Deep deep down I know you don't. No matter what you would say to me whether it breaks my heart or makes it I will be friend with you because your too good to let go. I wish I could tell you this but the fear of rejection is getting the better of me. I care for you I always have and I always will no matter how short I am compared to you.

From anon


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