To people who think America lacks leadership

Subject: To people who think America lacks leadership
Date: 24 Feb 2017

This story is about a new king who is trying to claim land in France. He is a brand new king, so this will be one of his first orders. The French ambassador hears about his desire to claim land in France and he does not approve. He also tells Henry there is a treasury waiting for him filled with tennis balls for him to play with, hinting at Henry’s age because he is still very young. Eventually, Henry and his troops invade France. When the French Dauphin hears that they are, he does not take them seriously. Outnumbered by French troops, the English end up winning the battle, killing tons of French troops, meanwhile losing a lot of their own men.
“The courses of his youth promised it not. The breath no sooner left his father's body, But that his wildness, mortified in him, Seemed to die too. Yea, at that very moment Consideration like an angel came And whipped th' offending Adam out of him, Leaving his body as a paradise.”
The issue is leadership. The quote describes that no matter his age, he is still cut out to be a leader. But do we have that now? As a nation, we have elected a new leader for the next four years. There’s a problem. He’s not a politician. It wasn’t until this past year when we found out the host of Celebrity Apprentice was going to, in fact, run for president. The man himself, Donald J. Trump. People only know him as a business man. The role of the president is one that cannot really be toyed with, as many people believe that he will do with his term. The president plays many roles. One in which he acts as the commander-in-chief. The leader of the world’s strongest military. He can send them away at any time, as well as bring them back home any time. In Henry V, one his first orders to the troops were to invade France. Trump has only been in office officially for a little over a month. And we all wonder what he will do with our military.
This issue affects me in a significant way. In a few years, I will be in a war zone. I’m just going to put it out there truthfully. The role of commander-in-chief is to, overall, take order over the military in order to keep the United States safe from foreign and domestic enemies. So it makes me wonder what is going to happen with new leadership taking over my, and many others, job in the military. So far, he has wanted to ban refugees from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen to enter the U.S. indefinitely. Overall, with his boldness as we have seen in his campaign and his executive orders being what they are, it makes me a little nervous knowing that my career in a couple of years will be in his hands.
This is to anyone who questions the leadership that we have in America. Just like any other country or massive organization, we do everything based off of the leaders we have as well as the organization among which they operate. Henry stepped little to no leadership experience, but still conquered the throne and land of another country. But by watching Trump’s campaign, including debates, interviews and speeches, we all know that his words used to describe certain races and genders were not something I would want a president to say about the citizens and people of the country in which he leads. Saying that there should be some sort of punishment for women who get abortions. Also calling all Mexicans rapists and criminals.
The purpose of this letter is to let people know that maybe the person you voted for is not the leader the country needs. It’s sad to me that the second he steps into the politician spotlight and he ends up getting elected president. The main point is that we need leadership, plain and simple. If we don’t have that among the most important assets of the nation, such as military and government, then we could easily be in big trouble. The sad thing is, we can’t do anything about it. Maybe we can influence the nation as citizens and act out and make a difference and inspire others to lead. We soon will find out what this president is about in the following months and years.
Regardless of his age or experience, Henry still led his troops into a battle outnumbered and ended up winning. So it makes me wonder if regardless of what we know of Trump, whether it being his racist and sexist remarks towards people, there could possibly be that key leadership factor that this country needs. So far we haven’t seen it yet, but he didn’t run for president for nothing. People put him in office for a reason. From here, its up to him and his cabinet members to carry out the orders of presidency and all we can do is sit here and wait.


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