to the people who don't believe in the double standard

Subject: to the people who don't believe in the double standard
Date: 27 Feb 2017

So I had to read this book The Scarlet Letter for my honors comp and lit class. I didn’t really care for this book at first it was super boring not very entertaining. It’s a romance book I’m not really into that kind of stuff I like action like people fight and stuff like. But as I was reading this book I started to realize that there is a bigger problem than I noticed. The big thing I took from this book was that there was this double standard going on with this woman named Hester Prynne and her husband. So she had a kid with a man that wasn’t her husband and back in the day that was a very bad sin and you could be killed for it. But instead of killing her she had to wear a red A on her chest and she had to stand in this spot in town for hours so people could see what she had done. They would call her all sorts of names and just look down on her. What happened to her husband you ask well he disappeared so he wouldn’t have to deal with all of the hate and the punishment she had to deal with. So she had to raise their child on their own and show her what’s right and wrong so she didn’t have to grow up with what her mom had to deal with. So now I want to talk about this double standard that women have to deal with and not men. For instance, why does she have to have the red A on her chest and not the man who had the baby with her. He made the decision to have the baby with her and its wrong how women get treated. I don’t get how women are spouse to be known as like weak or not as good as a man like my mother is the strongest women I have ever seen. She had kids with a man she wasn’t married to and it still blows my mind because I’m one of those kid’s. If this would’ve been in the same time period as the book is she would have been punished like Hester Prynne and it still shocks me how people didn’t care what women said like they didn’t really have say in anything back, then. It’s still kind of present now a day too and its wrong and needs to be brought into the light. According to news there is a significant difference of how much women make and how much men make even if it’s the same job it doesn’t matter. I have also notice the same thing happens even in sports. whenever I get on social media and I see something about the WNBA people also bully the organization mainly men. They say stuff like “who watches this stuff it’s just a bunch of girls on a court with a ball no action.” Or you know any sport that’s not “normal” for women to play. I’m only writing this because you know I was forced to read this book but it has made me realize so much more about this issue that’s affecting the world. I never noticed how people treat women because I didn’t really care to be honest but after reading this I’m starting to see this and see that its wrong. Being a woman is totally different from being a man. Like they have to deal with all the crap in the world and then some just because of this stupid double standard/ stereo typing. It’s wrong and people need to get over it and see that we are all human no matter what gender. We can all achieve any goals we want that’s what makes us human because we ca do whatever we want. This letter is to people who don’t believe that this double standard exists just to show them that it does and we as people need to work on it.


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