To the pathological liar and his insane family

Subject: To the pathological liar and his insane family
Date: 26 Nov 2016

You absolute bastard. I could quite happily punch you in the face. Repeatedly.

You asked for my hand in marriage then made my life a misery from the moment I said yes. I suppose I could have continued to cope with the financial issues you caused by your sheer inability to check your bank account every once in a while and lack of memory when it came to paying bills. I could have coped with your oppressive, bossy, interfering parents too, I managed well enough when you were seriously ill and I had to take care of you whilst working fifteen hour shifts to save for the wedding that never happened. But I couldn't cope with your lies. You lied to me, you lied to your family. You were, quite frankly, a little lying shit.

Lying to me about your credit card etc. was bad enough, but to tell your family lies about me so that they hated me?! Telling them biased details of our every argument to make it seem like I was the one being out of order?! What was your problem?! You made them hate me, and slander me and ostracise me. When I complained to you of their behaviour you acted like you had no idea where it was coming from. Even after things came to a head you still told me one thing (''I love you, we're fine'') and them another (''I just don't think it's going to work''). You promised me that the backstabbing would stop and that we could marry privately so I didn't have to be in a room where half the audience hated me. We booked the wedding for the week before Christmas (already a sore time of year for me).

And then you did the worst thing you could possibly do.

You got me pregnant. You hid my pills from me so I missed one and then acted overjoyed when I confirmed the news. For six weeks you made me think you wanted a family and you were happy. And then you jilted me on our wedding day via a text message. ''I can't do this''. Oh poor you. God knows what you told the insane ex-in laws but despite your appalling behaviour I forgave you for the sake of our child. We continued to see each other for a couple of months in secret, you telling me you loved me still and that it was your family etc. etc. Looking back I don't know why I believed you.

You sat with me and held my hand at the very first ultrasound. You smiled and hugged me when I told you he was a boy. You hugged my ever growing belly in joy when I was four months pregnant and showing. And all the whilst you were seeing and sleeping with some random girl who knew nothing about any of this. Sleeping with her and me, putting our baby at risk.

And then your family found out about the baby so, after weeks of them harassing my friends at my previous job and slandering me to them, you lied to them and claimed that I wasn't pregnant and consequently severed all ties with me. Since then you've systematically upset me by 'poking me with a stick' - unfriending me on Facebook one day and lording your new relationships on it the next.

I gave birth alone all because you couldn't tell the truth. I forgave you everything and that still wasn't enough. Then you lied about your bloody income to the CSA! I mean what is wrong with you?! You must find the lying addictive. That's the only answer. I can only imagine your horrific portrayal of me - I am the she devil after all.

Well you enjoy your psycho family, and although I despise the thought of your new girlfriend and her irritatingly gushy posts we both know the extent of the lies you've told her. We both know you cheated on her with me and slandered her to me (''she's not you, things don't feel right like they did with you'' blah blah blah). If you were lying when you said those things then that's much worse than if you meant them. You are insane and I'm better off without you. It's just a shame I didn't discover this until after you'd destroyed my life and made me lose my home, job and general lifestyle in the process. But I thank you for the dogs you left me with and our boy, he is like a shining little light in a vast, dark void. Not that you'd know what that's like, seeing as you've never met him and you and your vile family have rejected all offers of seeing him. You will know one day though, if you have any more children (although of course I pray that you won't, I wouldn't wish you as a father upon my worst enemy).

You stole thousands of pounds from me, you and your family emotionally abused and manipulated me due to your lies, you stole my job and my home from me and left me to bring a child into this world alone but for two dogs. I would say that I regret meeting you, but I don't regret our little boy. I only regret the sorrow that you will cause him because having 'all the things' you told me you wanted from life apparently wasn't good enough for you. You had to lie and cheat to satisfy your childish desire for attention and drama.

What would your precious Grandad think of you, I wonder?


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