An Open Letter to the Woman Who Captured My Heart

Subject: An Open Letter to the Woman Who Captured My Heart
Date: 1 Jan 2017

Two years ago, I was deeply brokenhearted. I only had my eyes on one person and that person broke my heart. Then I met you. For me it was really not the perfect time for us to meet because I wasn't ready for a relationship and you were in a relationship. It was totally faulty for us to even begin a romance.

But, we started as friends. I got to know you even more and me to you as well. But there was already something between us. I was starting to feel happiness again. But I was terrified with the emotions I was feeling towards you because you had someone and if I will pull our relationship off I could be destroying what you and her had built. And that was the last thing on my mind because it would be the second time that I would get to destroy a relationship. I chose to let you go and sacrifice the happiness I felt when I was with you.

But I guess fate was on our side. Something crazy happened and then I just found myself comforting you and making you feel better each day. Then that day came. It was on a fine Wednesday afternoon when you finally welcomed me in your life. It was the happiest day of my life. I was so excited to start our relationship then. I was ecstatic to feel the happiness ten times more now that we were together.

You never made me feel that you were still longing for her. I knew you still had feelings but you kept mum and choose to make me happy for each day that passed. You were so easy to love. You have a heart of gold. You were always kind to everyone, even to the strangers. You always see the bright side of everything. You gave me a second look about love. You showed me the true meaning of it. Contentment, simplicity and kindness. That's who you are, and that's the kind of love you gave me for two years now.

Even with our 6-year gap I never felt too young nor you too old. We always make ends meet and share our understanding with each other. You are my savior, you know. You saved me from the person I was to become if I hadn't met you. Maturity came fast to me because of you. You taught me how to make choices maturely. To slow down things and think carefully about my plans to avoid mess ups. You always want what's best for me. You apologizes for the little things that doesn't need any apology. You are insensitively sensitive. I sometimes wonder if you do it on purpose but I realized that's just who you are.

24 months -- no month came easy. But one thing I'm proud of, I could count using my fingers the times we had fights.

You are my everything. I want you to know that I'm so grateful that I met someone like you who totally changed who I am and the way I see life. In every thing that I do, you are always there to support me. I will always be thankful for the love, for your love. Because that's the thing that makes our relationship alive and keep us going throughout these years. I love you and I will love you even more. I will always choose you over and over when things go tough. You'll always be the one who'll capture my heart until our hairs turn to gray.


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