An Open Letter To Tom Herman

Subject: An Open Letter To Tom Herman
From: A Die Hard Fan
Date: 24 Oct 2016

Dear Tom,

First off, I want to say thank you. Thank you for ever coming to the University of Houston to begin with. Thank you for bringing a culture that is so much different than any other culture out there in collegiate sports. Thank you for believing in our school and our program even when so many others, the entire nation, doubted continuously about your decision to come here and about our team. Without you, the Coog Nation would not be where it is today. You have helped give us something to be proud of. Something to be able to get behind and support without any shame. You brought the 1-0 mentality, you created the HTownTakeOver. Thank you for that. Thank you for being one of the greatest coaches to ever step foot onto the UH campus.

I will never forget the end of the 2014 season. Tony Levine was not living up to what we needed from a head coach. He didn't seem to have a fire inside of him and the desire to win. He got fired, David Gibbs stepped up, and BAM. We won that Armed Forces Bowl Game. It was such an amazing game to be at and witness. It was the way the season needed to end after such a trying time. That is when all the rumors and speculation of who the new head coach would be. Would it be Gibbs? Would it be Mike Leach? SO many different names popped up. But yours Tom, it was the one that stood out to me and most of our fan-base. As soon as it was rumored that you were a candidate I went and looked into what you would bring to the table. It seemed like you were the real deal. I fully got behind the Tom-wagon and was fully cheering for you to choose us. As it was announced that you would be our next head coach, I could not believe it. It literally seemed like things were heading in the perfect direction. I believed and told all my friends and family that you would change things. That you would turn the program around ASAP. Not in a couple years, I believed in one single season you could do it. You did. Everyone said I was crazy for believing that and having my expectations so high, but man you blew them out of the water! I knew even more so that you were the real deal when right after you helped win the National Championship for Ohio State that you put on an UH hat and threw up the Coog sign. That. That meant something. Not only to me, but the entire Coog Nation. That was a gesture that I will NEVER forget. You are the real deal. Period.

As last season was coming to an end the rumors started swirling. Everyone speculated you would leave. You would go to a "bigger and better school". It seemed so bleak. Then. Our school paid up and showed how committed they were to you. They believed in you just like me and the rest of the fan-base. You showed commitment right back. You nipped all of those rumors in the bud and stayed with us even after "getting down the road" with South Carolina. That was one of the biggest reliefs one could ask for. We went on to win the conference championship and demolished Florida State in the Peach Bowl. What a season. What a fairy-tale ending.

That leaves us to where we are now. We have dropped two games, it hurts, but its no excuse to ever abandon the Coogs. Myself included, there are so many die-hard fans who have been supporting the Coogs through all the ups and downs. Through all the coaches leaving us and going on to other opportunities. So why after two losses would that change? It wont. At-least not for the real fans. I fully believe the rest of the season can be different. We can regroup, we can still end the season on a high note. Like you always say Tom, our goal is to go 1-0. That goal is still there, hasn't gone anywhere. We are still behind you coach. We still love you and believe in you. We are still thankful. Sure, there will be some sour apples among us, but not as a whole. That being said, I really want to get to what the heart of this letter is...

We are back with the rumors. The speculation of whether or not our coach is leaving. Are we still a stepping stone? Are we not good enough of a program to keep a great head coach? What will Herman's decision be? This are the things that go through the mind of us fans. Will it be LSU or UT? All these are everywhere we turn. My plea is for you to know Tom, that we do love you. We are thankful. Always will be. We just simply want to know what to expect. If you decide to go on, I will understand as will a lot of the fan-base. You have to do what you believe is best for your future and family. What you have done for us is amazing, and I can not complain whatsoever for the change you have brought. If you do leave, I wish you best. I hope you go and show another fan-base what an amazing coach and man you are. I appreciate you treating our players as actual men. Men that will have a life beyond college football. Thank you for that, thank you for having morals. Thank you Coach. Thank you. My hope is you stay. My hope is that you create a dynasty and get us into that P5 down the road. My hope would be for you to be the next coach that gets a statue outside our stadium. That is my hope. Will it come true? Who knows. But I never stopped hoping when you were announced as our head coach. And look what happened. You proved it to be true. I will continue to hope until I am proven wrong. But I do hope you stay. I do hope you continue to grow our fan-base and make the city of Houston proud. We love you coach, and we will always be thankful.

From A Die Hard Fan,
Michael Riley


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