Open Letter to President Trump and his plan to improve our infrastructure

Subject: Open Letter to President Trump and his plan to improve our infrastructure
From: An American-born, American-taught citizen heeding the call to let my voice among the Americacn people to be heard
Date: 7 Mar 2017

To President Donald J. Trump:
Time and time again, you've made it urgent that the American infrastructure has faded and aged terribly, therefore advocating more work to be done to renovate and innovate it under the state-of-the-art engineering that we, America, have had ever since World War I, 100 years ago. Yet you've also vocally spoke against environmental protection and global warming to the point where you would enact federal action to tear down government enforcing of environmental action.
This is a terrible hypocrisy because recently, as in the past five years, several industries, i.e. the energy, automotive, electronic, and even construction industries has relied heavily on delivering creations that operate with less energy needed yet still shows significant improvements and progress compared to previous generations of their own products. In other words, lowering our footprint in the environment does not compromise in the American frontier of continuous progress. Therefore, to enact federal action that eliminates the need for environmental action is the same thing as laying off all the laborers, designers, engineers, architects, marketers, and even executives from American industry because their call to action will be lost under such politics.
Not to mention, the production of and maintenance of more environmentally-friendly solutions is calling on laborers to be at the frontier of clean, free energy in the United States. As the Oroville Dam incident at California has shown, if we want to symbolize the latest and greatest technology in the world, we've got A LONG way to go because if we allow more of our dams to be put in danger in such a fashion again, we risk losing not only American lives but also valuable water, energy, homes, and land that we have put our destinies into thriving in two hundred years ago.
In addition to the battle of our domestic energy, we are losing the battle of dominating the clean energy scene compared to foreign countries. Countries like Germany, Japan, and most especially China have defeated us by producing, utilizing and delivering more amounts of solar, wind, and other sources of renewable energy in both their soil and the rest of the world. This is a clear echo of your call that we need ton work hard to claim the spot as a world leader again. If we succeed in dominating the energy scene again, it'll not only deliver to the world more cheaper, yet valuable energy, but bring us one step closer to proclaim, indisputably, "AMERICA FIRST!"


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