An open letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Subject: An open letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
From: Charlotte Persephone Smith and Labour members.
Date: 3 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn,

Thank you so much for the incredible way you have changed the Labour Party for the better, it is clear that a Labour Party under your leadership will always put the interests of the people before profit.

Myself and many of my comrades will always remember the 12th of September 2015, the day you were elected leader of the Labour Party, and the day I finally felt hope again that we can change the world, you gave us a voice to fight for socialism! Only a socialist government under your leadership can wipe out the roots of racism, sexism, homophobia, and the awful treatment of the most vulnerable people within society who have been let down by this evil Tory government.

With the General Election coming up, I will walk the streets campaigning for a Labour government, a government that will stand by the many and not the few, a government that will house the homeless, a government that will give our children the education they deserve with free school meals for every child, a government that will lift people out a poverty, a government that will save our NHS and Social Care services, and a government that really is “strong and stable”, together we can win!

I have a dream that on the 9th of June I will wake up with you as the Prime Minister, a Prime Minister I can be proud of.

I am honoured to call you my leader, you are my hero!

Good luck comrade,

Kind regards,

Charlotte Persephone Smith
And fellow comrades
Andrew Hutchings
Maureen Anne Fitzsimmons
Tracy Cini
Sally Harris
Mags Oliver
Karen Gilbody
Andrew Moir
Jill Narin
Ann Flowers
Raymond Shemilt
Charlie Avent
Russell Dean
Matthew Wilson
Doug Troup
David Mcnerlin
Fran McGowan
Samantha Berry
Jean Day
Phil Vellender
Simon King
Anthony Kent
Wanda McRae
Joanne Hickey
Tony Crossland
Owain Gardner
Caroline Collins
Glenn Martin
Keith Kendrick
Michelle Lane
Chelley Ryan
Nick Adam Bown
Elaine Rigby
Jools Holland
Robert Gardiner
Vicki Lackenby
Paul McLean
Veronica O'Donohue
Kathryn Perry
Michael Bentley
Warren Hardy
Di Coffey
Merlina Waterworth
Rosalind Larner
Brian Gillies
John Pocock
Claudine Cole
Gareth P Hughes
Judith Mckenzie
Paul Brooks
Carol Milner
Lisa Taylor
Eliot Lord
Kay Meades
Maryanne Christie
Ellie Carroll
Sandy Cossar
Lorraine Harding
Jan Garbutt
Jeffery Clapton
Jean Jones
Jools Holland
Elaine Rigby
Sue Grant
Deborah Jane Pearson
Lesley Hollinshead
Cath Travis
Anna Marangi
Peter Mccarrick
Emma Marszalek
Clare Richardson
Paul Brooks
Heather Nicholls
Helen Skinner
Baden Baldry
Carol Cody
Debjani Dey
Dorothy Rogerson
Tahir Mirza
Rosemary Hedges
Terry Deans
Bob Kaye
David Bell
Virginia Keyes
Andrew Ives
Ian Stromberg
Martin Webb
Chelley Ryan
Jonathan Fletcher
Miriam Hastings
Alan Coles
Celia Poole
Wanda Lozinska
John Milburn
Emma Campbell
Martin Byrne
Eli Magnesdatter Carter
Glen Baker
Brenda D Duffy
Elaine Watts
Martin Byrne
& Claudia Calvino.


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