Open letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Subject: Open letter to Jeremy Corbyn
From: Dr. Julian C. Roberts
Date: 2 Aug 2017

Dear Mr Corbyn,

I am pleading with my heart and soul, not for my own heart and soul, but for yours, and that of the country.

I am shocked and appalled by the Labour Party's stance on Brexit. The simple truth is this. the vote itself FOR leaving represented a fraction of the people of this country, consequently, it should in my view not be used as a tool for constitutional change.

In more realistic circumstances, this is normally the case, the requirement of a 'supermajority' to elicit such an important alteration in laws. What I applaud you for Sir, is the way you have delivered on the benefits of parliament rather then the government acting using statutory instruments, this was not missed by those of us who do follow the actions of government with a close eye. The fact is that I do at least to some degree see the uphill struggle but at the same time, this issue was not properly discussed at the election by any side.

I DO view this as what is was- an opinion poll. I do NOT view this as a 'Brexit is settled' by a vote which has a gigantic impact on our nations future.

I voted for your party in the last election, as the progressive social reform that you proposed was so important. We simply however cannot do anything without EU support at present. It would be insane to try and do so. As it stands, we are now hitting domestic borrowing at a level that matches 2008. This is the only thing driving the economy, and at present, this will fail within a couple of years. Our trade and very lives rely on many of the rules and regulations that UKIP seem so eager to remove. Its totally wrong.

I beg you, reverse this stance on Brexit. The referendum is not the will of the people, its xenophobic stirrings of if i may be blunt, pensioners. This actually is very normal, I know from experience, the difference is no one put a pen in my racist nan's hand and changed the course of a country for ever. Only a pig headed tory would do such a thing and call it policy.

I hope you do understand Sir. I hope to see you in 10 Downing St soon, and if you follow this advice, you will be I am sure of it.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Julian C Roberts.


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