An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Girlfriends Heart

Subject: An Open Letter To The Guy Who Broke My Girlfriends Heart
From: The Guy Who Is Putting Her Heart Back Together
Date: 7 Aug 2017

Dear Guy,

I'm going to preface this by saying I dont completely hate you. The simple fact of the matter is that if you didn't do what you did I wouldnt be able to call her my girlfriend right now. I know thats selfish but it is simply the truth. However that being said I will always hate you for breaking her heart into pieces so small that I cant put it all the way back together. I hate you for giving her trust issues that she can't set aside because people like you have used her, her whole life. I hate that my love for her has to be stifled because I can't move to quickly for fear of frightening her off. I hate that she can be happy with me one second and then something will remind her of you and put her back into that dark place. I know you said you were unhappy but the way in which you did this to her was immoral and uncomprehendable to someone like me. I could never hurt this beautiful fantastic and amazing woman that I have come to love.

I know I can't be consumed by hate for you, I shouldnt even waste time thinking of you but as the date that you two picked out for your wedding draws closer, before you did that unspeakable act, all I can do is hate you more. She trys to tell me everything is okay but her needing space like this tells me its not. You took an amazing woman who viewed the world as just and beautiful and you turned her sour. You made her think all men are like you but we are not and those of us that are not will not sit here and take this from you or anyone else. We will fight. I will fight for her tooth and nail because I love her and I see who she is inside and she is more than you ever deserved. She is more than I deserve, but for some reason she is with me and I will never give up.

I have spoken a lot of my hatred for you so now it is time to speak of why I am thankful. I am thankful to you because she can now hold me. I am thankful because she now says she loves me. When I wake up and can see her resting peacefully on my chest and I feel her chest rise and fall with the breath that tells me she is alive, I thank you. I am thankful that you afforded me the opportunity to teach her how to love again and to experience her love. I look into those deep brown eyes and I see my future, I see the mother of my children, I see my first and last wife, I see love in its purest and rawest form. When we make love the passion cries from her mouth and I know she loves me. Our connection is much deeper than anything physical or explicable but I can feel it and she can feel it. So for this I am thankful. For HER I am thankful. She is the moon of my life because she lights up even the darkest of moments.

The Guy Who Is Putting Her Heart Back Together


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