An Open Letter to the Damaged Me

Subject: An Open Letter to the Damaged Me
From: samruddhi lunkad
Date: 7 Aug 2017

Dear me ,

You have survived. you have walked through all the hard times and here you are breathing . do you know how strong you are? do you even realise what all you've been through hasn't been an easy thing. You showed courage and love and compassion. 

You cried and you wept. Maybe you stared into space for as long as you remember , hoping it was a dream when you awoke , but here you are , surviving . You are a fighter and you are amazing. You seem to inspire people around you with the kindness you have in your heart and the smile on your face even though it hurts every time you breathe. it shows how strong you are.

You may fall weak once in a while , but isn't that because you have been strong for a longer time? You can be strong and you can be happy . You can and you will be happy . Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow . Maybe you will be happy 100 days later but you will. There is always light at the end of the tunnel . The journey is never easy , but that's what makes you strong . You are not the person you were before and you might never even be that person again , but aren't you a better version of you? did you let the hard times make you bitter or even more kind ?

You have lost yourself on the way and you have been hurt and torn apart . You have felt like it can never be fine and you know you have also said that "you give up" but have you? You're still here living in this world full of cruel and kind people. You have to chose which side you want to be on. The hard times should not make you bitter but make you even more humble than you ever have because you know the meaning of pain and the moments where you could not breathe because it hurt . Would you want anyone else to go through that? 

Never give up on anything you have believed in , some things are meant to happen just to make you a better person. Don't let harsh experiences change your heart . Learn from them and make yourself a better person . Spread kindness . Help each person you know is having a hard time too. Accept yourself and love yourself.

Remember , everyone in this world is cared for by someone , if you care for someone and they care for someone else , we cannot hurt the ones we care about by hurting the ones they care about right? 


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