Maybe I Am Still Not Enough

Subject: Maybe I Am Still Not Enough
Date: 12 Oct 2017

This letter is for those who are still wanting and waiting; wanting to give love and waiting to be loved back.

I am single for more than a year now, I know it's not that long but I am still hoping for that 'magic.' I know it sounds pathetic but I still believe in the magic of love. When you keep on looking, you'll never find the perfect one. But when you're not trying, the right person will just be there unexpected.

But the big question is what if I am not worth to be called as "The One?" What if I'll never be the right person? What if that unexpected person is already there for me but I am the one who's not ready yet.

I once read a quote from TheGoodQuote that says "If you're waiting to be ready, you're waiting for the rest of your life." So I am trying to let myself out, trying to make myself available, trying to forget the standards and my idealism about love. But why do I feel like why is it still not enough. It still feels like I am not trying hard. It feels like I will never be getting the chance of having someone who will make me like I am "The One."

I have trust issues, I really do. It's hard for me to take risks, but I still do. And as time passes by, it feels like the risks are not worth it.


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